***This is my first message transcribed from a group of souls calling themselves "The Lighted Ones". For those of you who have been reading my progress thus far, I am compelled to clarify a few points. It was revealed to me that AAMichael was brought in to oversee the cleaning up and fine tuning of my connection to this group. I have an affinity with AAMichael and he knew that the changes I have gone through this past week would be easier for me to accept and believe if he was involved. He has been managing this transition and this morning he stepped aside so that my connection with The Lighted Ones could commence. My first experience of translating the information was very interesting in that there were SO many typos and mistakes. I took piano lessons for about 13 years when I was a kid. Those years of piano gave me dexterity and speed with typing that is pretty impressive. I generally have very few mistakes when I type, yet as I typed this message, it was indeed clunky and slow. My body was still twitchy and glitchy as I was typing this and my crown was tingling like crazy! So here it first channeling from The Lighted Ones. Thanks for reading! :)


Greetings! We come to you from the Galactic Sun on this most wonderful of occasions. Your planet has been bathed in the most wonderful rays of love that we have seen in ages. We come from a place not so different from the one that you now live on. We have connected with our scribe, our partner, our brother to bring you messages of love, peace, transformation and joy.

We know that this time is one of great importance for many of you and you are wondering. When? How? What? Who? We want you to know that we hear all of your questions and that we understand that some of you are questioning is this real? We ask you to go into your hearts dear ones. That beautiful machine that is not only physically working with in your vessels to keep you living and breathing, but it is much more than that. It is your portal, your doorway, your threshold to your higher selves.

Some of you have been standing at the threshold for so long now asking, when? When will I know? How do I ascend? What is it that I am to do? We want you to know that the answers you seek are inside of you. They have been whispering to you for ages now awaiting the day when you will finally awake and hear the message. We know that so many of you have been trained to wait for a sign or a signal that will come from outside of you. You say, where is the flash in the sky? Where is the sign from above? And we say the fireworks and the light displays you are seeking are inside of you waiting to be seen and heard.

Close your eyes, and breathe, take a moment to connect with your heart center which is also your portal to all that you desire. It is there patiently waiting for you to reconnect, to remember. Listen and you will hear, you will know. Your bodies are beautifully designed instruments which have been built to send and receive messages and information. We understand that through centuries of forgetting you have begun to believe that the knowledge you seek is outside of you. But we are here to say that it all lives within. The treasure box you have been looking for is right in your lap! (laughter) The waves of love and energy that are being blasted onto your planet right now are unparalleled. We use the word blasted not in the sense of violence or war or aggression, but we use that word to convey the intensity of the energies that we are sending to you right now. We are but one of trillions of souls that are focused and watching your planet right now with loving, peaceful intention and much excitement! The waves of love that are being blasted on to your planet right now are not to change you, but to wake you up! To get you to remember.

Many of you feel right now like you are waking up and it is like one of your mornings when you have overslept your alarm. Or when you have been traveling, and you wake up and for a moment you know not where you are and there is a sense of panic in your hearts that you have somehow missed it or are some how lost. We say to you that there is nothing to miss and there is not a one of you who are lost. These reminders, these alarms, these activations are but to wipe the forgetfulness from your eyes so that you may see that the one you are waiting for is within.

Our scribe can tell you that he has begun to remember who he is and it has been in a way that had we told him a year ago he would have “laughed and kept on walking” so to speak. So it has been a very gentle, subtle process of waking him up to remember who he is and the powers that he has inside of his cellular structures. We cannot go from 0 to 10 in an instant for not only would that be a shock to your precious bodies which are your carriers for the divine spark that we all are, but it would have been something that you would not have believed. You would have rolled your eyes and would have called it crazy. So we have gently, softly, subtly, been nudging you to remember to wake up for decades now.

Some of you have heard our calls and have wondered if you were making it up and if you were imagining things and we say go into your hearts and you will always know. We have been coming to you in dreams in signs in patterns in songs in any and every way that we thought you would be able to hear us. Like each lock has a specific key, each of you have your own codes of activation that are unique to you and we have been working with your divine codes to rewaken you in the most loving way specific to your vibrational pattern.
The time is coming now that we can not afford to be so subtle and so gentle any more dear ones. We say this not to frighten you and we would never be able to go against your free will but we must get louder and bolder and more brazen in our approach as the timelines come nearer. It is as if you are waiting for the train and you may not have heard the first few whistles letting you know that departure is imminent but the whistles must get louder and more frequent so that no one is left behind! Yes, there will be other trains and no one will be lost but we are doing our best to pack this first train so full of passengers that you may not be able to move, and you may not have the luxury accommodations that you have hoped for (laughter). This matters not as the only thing that is important, is that you are on this train. 

There is a plan for all of you, yet as you say “those next steps are not set in stone”. There is still some flexibility in your travel plans, in your itinerary, but all destinations are the same. We see the importance of getting as many souls on that first train as we can so that the balance will be tipped in our favor. This is not a contest or a competition in the way that you perceive it to be. Yet there is power in numbers as our scribe has said “when we shine together, the light gets brighter” so we say would you want to see a glow made up of a million separate lights? How about a billion? How about a trillion? How about a number that is bigger than any number you have yet been able to comprehend? That is the amount of light that we want to see! Our point is that the more people on this train the better. For we are directing all to converge and come together now! The celebration is in process and has been for so many years now. 

Time is of another makeup from outside your world and is not something that is linear. In many ways this episode has been re-run several times over and each time we see the ending is re-written a little bit and keeps getting more and more exciting and now we are seeing the ending of this episode come to a beautiful and wonderful completion! Yet there are still options that can be chosen there are still timelines that have not been collapsed and we say to you that they are all beautiful and all benevolent and all are a happy ending. But why have a party with only 100 guests when you can have a party with a 1,000 guests or 10,000 guests or more? We are saying that the guest list is still up in the air! Yet your time to rsvp is coming to an end soon for this first wave of the party. We mean not to cause panic or fear. For each of you have chosen the time and place of your awakening but that does not mean that there is still the possibility to decide at the last minute to say "Wait, I want to go now!" And we would say yes! Welcome! Please come in! There is still so much to show you and to share with you and to awaken within you yet we say in time, in time. We have an idea that what we can talk to you about the concept of time and sacred geometry and the reality of life outside of the 3D Earth but not here, not now. This would be like walking into your first day of French class and being asked to read Les Miserables in its entirety on the first day! (laughter) We know that so many of you would take one look at the book and turn and walk away! 

So we shall start small, we shall start with the basics. Like The Sound of Music..Let’s start at the very beginning.
The first thing that you can all do is to look within your heart. Close your eyes and breathe in and out three times and bring your attention to your chest where that magnificent machine lives. What colors do you see on the insides of your eyes? What feelings do you feel? What music do you hear? What words do you want to write? Pay attention to these sensations and to the information that comes from there for it is always correct. It is always wise, it is always kind. It will lead you in the direction that you desire. It will finally “scratch that itch” so to speak.

The first step is always to breathe, then always to focus, then always to listen. And then after you have listened and think you have an answer, see how that answer resonates within you. Does it feel true? Does it feel pure? Does it feel right? You bodies have the magnificent power to detect the purity of information and of answers. We would say if it doesn’t feel right for you, then it is not right for you. The most important thing to know for this journey is how to listen for yourself. How to discern for yourself if it is true for you or not. There is no right way, there is no wrong way, there is only your way and only you know which is the right way for you. For never forget that free will reigns for and above all else, and that you will never be asked to live something that is not true for you. You may decide, you may choose to live what is not true for you but that is only and always your choice. And if it is not true for you, you will know it by how it feels.
You may say “seeing is believing” and yet we would say, no my child “feeling is believing”. If you ever doubt which choice to make, feel your way through it and you will know. There will always be a feeling inside of you which will correspond with each choice and if that feeling feels light and free then that is the optimal choice for you. If it feels low and heavy then you may still choose that choice but it will be the long way home, it will be the burdensome road to travel and we are here to say set your burdens down! Cast them aside! This is now the time to make new choices that let your hearts sing and your lights shine brightly! These ideas of toiling and struggling and fighting to be free are but an illusion. You only have to struggle if you choose to. That time is over and we say choose to be free! You will know it when you feel it.

We leave you with so much more to share, so much more to show, so much more to teach and yet there are only so many hours in one of your Earth days (laughter). We do not expect you to read the entirety of War and Peace on your first day of class (more laughter). You may think as our scribe is thinking right now “How do these people know about books and movies and music of earth”? We laugh and laugh and say “Well what did you expect of infinite intelligence?” (laughter). We speak to you in the ways that you will understand. We wish not to create separation or any further illusion. We come to you with messages to be heard in the easiest way that they can be heard. We have so much more to show you but we know that it is time for this message to end.

Our scribe still has much work to do! The first time of translating our messages has been in your words a bit clunky and we know that there are many typing mistakes to be corrected. (laughter). We laugh with our scribe, our brother, our partner, for his very humanness in that he sees so much proofing and editing to be done for this message now! We have delivered the message and now he can clean it up so to speak. We say to you our dearest beloveds. Go not in to fear, go not in to doubt. When you look up and do not see that which you have expected to see. When you wake up and your world seems unchanged, go not into disappointment. Close your eyes, breathe, focus and feel. Feel. Feel. Feel. You will know what has shifted for you when you feel. You will know what is true for you when you feel. You will know that all is well when you feel. You will know that the love we send to you has never stopped has never wavered has never paused. It is unconditional and eternal as you are. Until next time in love and light we leave you. Rejoice!