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I AM an Intuitive Healer, Conscious Channel and Spiritual Teacher. Whether through my artwork, readings, channeled writings or one on one sessions I intend to be the clearest channel that I can be for information specific to a person or groups of people. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the below services, you may contact me directly by clicking HERE. 

Please read the Fine Print section of my site before proceeding with any payments by clicking HERE.

For all services (including artwork) payment can be made in advance via PayPal. Once the payment has been received, then we can get down to the fun part!

Personal Readings: This is an opportunity to ask specific questions that you may have on any topic that is important or meaningful to you. The information in these readings is kept absolutely private and I will never share it with anyone without your permission. I answer your questions via email. These answers come via many sources which may include your Higher Self, guides, and angels. 

3 Question Reading: $50.00
5 Question Reading: $75.00


One on One Sessions: These can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype. During these hour long sessions we can delve deeper into questions you have or issues that you are currently facing. The format of these sessions is very free form. Everyone needs something different. By connecting with your Higher Self, your angels and/or your guides I will intuitively be lead to provide you with whatever is in your best and highest good at that moment. As always your privacy is of great value to me. I will never share any of the information that comes up in these sessions without your consent. 

One on One Session Cost: 60 minutes $150.00


Activated Paintings: All of my artwork contains activation codes and energy signatures designed to be of benefit to everyone that views them. The prices for paintings are based on the size of the canvas unless otherwise noted on my site.
When you commission a work, I will have several questions before I begin to create it for you. These questions will help ensure that I am able to create the ideal work of art for you from both a visual and an energetic standpoint. Shipping is included in the price of the paintings.

Activated Paintings Cost: All works of art are based on the size of the canvas unless otherwise noted.