July 16, 2024

What Are Some Location Ideas for a Halloween Couple Photoshoot?

Creepy masks, bone-chilling ambiance, and nerve-wracking sounds can all make the hair on your neck rise with fear.

And on Halloween, that’s the textbook definition of celebrations done right.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st of each year, but the Halloween celebrations go a week before and after the actual date.

It has become a cult phenomenon in the USA and is gaining traction worldwide.

Halloween is a Celtic festival of the Samhain, wherein bonfires are lit, and costumes are worn to ward off ghosts and entities for the new year.

The dress-up tradition has become a cultural phenomenon that is celebrated across the world today.

If you, as a couple, are looking for the best Halloween photoshoot location ideas, you have arrived at the right place. Let’s get started, but first.

How to Plan a Halloween Photoshoot?

Before you set out to get your pictures clicked, have a set plan in your head on how you would like to plan it.

There are many Halloween costumes, designs, and decor, but they can be too much!

Knowing how to incorporate these into your Halloween couple’s photoshoot will be tricky.

First, have a clear idea about the elements you want.

Are you going for a full-on spooky, spine-chilling photoshoot or perhaps a more funny, creepy take on Halloween?

Are you going for the classic Hollywood Halloween costumes or spooky ones?

Have a clear idea of how you would want the final pictures to turn out before setting out to shoot.

Let’s Get into Some Halloween Photoshoot Ideas

1. Foggy Spooky Forest 

Foggy Spooky Forest

Nothing reeks of Halloween like a foggy forest. For this, you can pick a day based on weather forecasts where you know it will be gloomy and foggy.

Choose a good forest nearby when the fog is thick in the early mornings.

You can also short during twilight for a more surreal photoshoot. Be prepared for low lighting; fog could cause added problems during photography. Choose the right lens and light to accentuate the effect.

2. Forest During Rains

A couple wearing Halloween masks in a forest during rains.

While forests look stunning and alive during the rainy season, choose a time when the rains may have stopped for a bit.

It would be best if you found a time when the forest is dull, wet, and gloomy—the moss-laden forest floor.

Broken branches and an eerily lake nearby can be hauntingly beautiful for a Halloween couple photoshoot.

3. Abandoned Building

An abandoned building with broken windows and crumbling walls.

Every town has that one creepy abandoned home or building that everyone is talking about.

If it’s safe and does not pose any hazard or risk, pick this as your Halloween photoshoot location, especially if it has walls or pillars with a worn-down look.

The leaves strewn across the floor, abandoned work tools, and unfinished construction make for an excellent photoshoot location.

You can amp up your creativity and add elements or props that make the photoshoot perfect.

4. Dark Alley

Dark Alley

When in doubt, choose the dark alley in your town as the photoshoot location.

On a gloomy day, the vents of a hotel releasing steam, an empty alley, dull lights, and overflowing trash can add so much character to your photo.

It is the perfect location if you opt for a theme with a serial killer or murder vibe.

Don’t be afraid to go all in with the fake blood. You and your partner could roleplay Hollywood villains.

Picture joker-batman. This can also be done on any old abandoned road that leads to nowhere or an abandoned town.

5. Old Castle

Old Castle

If you are lucky enough to live in a history-rich town, then choose any old castle-like vibe as your shoot location.

In areas that have rich colonial impressions, old castles are dreamy and spooky.

You get that eerie vibe because of its low-lit abandoned rooms. But also the rich art pieces, arches, and sprawling mansion-like vibe give the most amazing photos.

This is a great photo shoot location from both the inside and the outside. Make sure you have the necessary permissions for the photoshoot.

6. Indoor Location 

Indoor Location

If you are too shy to follow through with an outdoor photoshoot, you can set up your Halloween decor indoors.

For example, use an old abandoned location and pick a room within it.

Keep the old web aesthetic as it is, and add in some props such as skulls, candles, pumpkins, fake eyes, fake blood around, and stained bedsheets.

It is not possible for everyone to actually find the right location. Indoor photo shoots may require some work, but the outcome will be worth it.

It is ideal for couples who are looking to have a more intimate photoshoot set-up, too.

Things You Need to Prepare for Your Halloween Photoshoot

1. Costumes 


Depending on the location you choose, match your costumes if possible.

Are you going to be a scary nurse and doctor in an abandoned hospital?

A creepy white ghost on an abandoned road., a black figure on an abandoned building lurking? Your costume plays an important role; plan it well.

2. Makeup


Halloween is the perfect time to get your makeup brushes out.

You can also choose professional makeup artists to get the perfect makeup that compliments your look.

A shady makeup job can ruin the Halloween photograph aesthetic.

3. Props


Before the photoshoot, gathering all possible props is crucial. You never know what might come in handy.

For example, be prepared with a lace dress, hoodie, black suit, witch hat, fake blood, fake skull, masks, candles, vintage candle holders, spooky books, and smoke bombs.


Halloween photoshoots for couples are a unique idea for couples who like to push the envelope.

If you are done looking at boring old romantic aesthetic photos of couples, choose a more scandalous photoshoot idea.

The Halloween photoshoot idea can be romantic with the right amount of spookiness instilled into it.

With the right make, the right costumes, and the ideal location, your photos will have the internet talking!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Outdoor Halloween Photoshoot Location for Couples?

Outdoor locations such as abandoned, unused roads, forests, spooky bridges, old castles, and under-construction buildings that have been left to rot are great outdoor ideas for a Halloween photoshoot for couples.

How to do a Halloween Photoshoot?

Plan in advance; choose your costumes, location, and makeup on the basis of a pre-planned image idea. Match your costume to the set-up. Take extra costumes if needed, use the dull set-up to your advantage, and opt for low-light photos.

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