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Canon T7i Vs Canon T7

Are you looking for a nice novice-friendly DSLR camera? There are a bulk of options available in the market, both of previous and current generations, but, finding the best camera for you to capture some beautiful moments of life is not a quite easy task.

Well to help you with this, Canon, one of the big names in the cam industry, has launched a series of its Rebel cameras in the market.

The Canon Rebel T7 and Rebel T7i are the two cameras which might solve your problem of choosing the best fit camera for you. Based on the names, both the Canon Rebel T7 and Rebel T7i are the members of Canon’s Rebel series of DSLR cameras. They might look and sound similar but little else. A single letter can make a noticeable difference.

While Rebel T7 is the latest of the two, it is basically a recycled model of the last generation model Rebel T6. There is a difference of 12 months between both the launch of the Rebel cameras. Let’s have a look at the differences between them.

Canon T7i Vs Canon T7

Brief Difference Between Canon T7i and Canon T7

Launch February 2017 February 2018
Sensor It has APS-C CMOS Sensor with more advanced image processing engine, DIGIC 7 It has APS-C CMOS Sensor with DIGIC 4+ as the image processing engine
Design It supports flip-out screen feature which is helpful intaking tricky shots It is built with a silent focus motor which helps to focus faster more quietly on the subject
Display Has LCD display with 3 sub-pixels per pixel and resolution of 1040k dots. It also offers touch screen feature Has LCD display with 3 sub-pixels per pixel and resolution of 920k dots
Optics It offers a higher light sensitivity of 51200 ISO with 45 focus points and 6fps continuous shooting at high resolution It offers lower light sensitivity of 12800 ISO with only 9 focus points and 3fps continuous shooting at high resolution
Videography Rebel T7i offers video recording of 1080x60fps and 24p cinema mode video format and lacks the phase-detection autofocus feature Rebel T7 offers video recording of 1080x30fps and phase-detection autofocus feature while it doesn’t offer 24p cinema mode video format
Audio It supports stereo microphone and microphone port which helps to connect to specialized or external high-end microphones It doesn’t support stereo microphone feature and microphone port
Connectivity It supports the microphone port connectivity It supports Wi-Fi connectivity rather than microphone port connectivity
Extra Features It supports touch autofocus which allows to autofocus quickly just by touching it on the touch-screen.

It also supports Bluetooth connectivity feature

It supports the NFC(Near Field Communication) connectivity which helps to perform simple transactions nearby
Battery It will capture around 600 shots per charge It will capture only 500 shots per charge


Canon EOS Rebel T7i was launched in the market in February 2017 whereas Canon EOS Rebel T7 was launched just after one year i.e., 2018 in the month of February.


We all know how the size of imaging sensor plays a vital role in determining the image quality of any camera. A camera with larger sensor will have large individual pixels and also provides a clearer low-light sensitivity with rich color depth. Also, with larger sensor camera, photographer will have more control over the depth of field in the photo. Ultimately, improving the image quality and ability to isolate any subject from the background.

Both the Canon Rebel cameras, T7 and T7i have APS-C CMOS Sensor and format factor of 1.6.

But, in terms of technology, the T7i uses more advanced image processing engine, DIGIC 7, while Canon T7 uses DIGIC 4+ where DIGIC 7 offers the benefits of better noise reduction, processing speed and color accuracy.


The design of both the cameras might look similar but there are certain differences which will help you to find the better one.

The Canon EOS Rebel T7i is designed with the features like Flip-out screen which will help you to take tricky shots very smoothly.

While Canon T7 lacks this feature, it is built with a silent focus motor which built into the lens. It will help you to focus faster more quietly on the subject than the cameras which doesn’t have any focus motor as they are dependent on the focus motor of the camera’s body.

So, the winner here totally depends on the type of image you want to take.


Both the Rebel cameras offer LCD displays with 3 sub-pixels per pixel, which will give crisp and sharp images to the photographer.

However, when it comes to screen resolution which is a very important determinant in the image quality, T7i takes the crown as it has 1040k dots which is more than the 920k dots of Canon T7 which is 13% lower resolution screen.

A camera with more screen resolution will give sharper shots which will be easier to review on the device.

The T7i also offers the touch screen feature. It means you can operate the camera easily with the touch of your fingers just like your smartphones whereas the Canon T7 again lags by this feature.

Therefore, Rebel T7i is the better camera for you in this case.


The sensor size of both the Rebel cameras are same which is 22.3×14.9mm, but, with 45 focus points, Canon T7i is a better player than the T7 which has only 9 focus points as more focus points will provide better flexibility to focus on the image.

Also, the T7i camera provides a higher light sensitivity (ISO level) of 51200 ISO than T7 which has only 12800 ISO. Higher light sensitivity can be used to click moving objects with fast shutter speed and take photos even in the low light without any flash.

In addition to these two features, T7i also offers a 6fps continuous shooting at high resolution whereas Canon T7 offers only 3fps. Fast continuous shooting is helpful in clicking action shots.

With all these features offered by Canon Rebel T7i, it’s definitely a better choice for the niche photographers.


The video recording in the main camera is one of the most important feature of any DSLR camera. Cameras with maximum resolution and frame rates offer better quality videos than the cameras with lower resolutions. The Canon T7i offers video recording of 1080x60fps which is higher than that of Canon Rebel T7 which offers only 1080x30fps.

Also, Canon EOS Rebel T7i has a 24p cinema mode video format which is not available in the Rebel T7.

On the other hand, the T7i camera offers a phase-detection autofocus for videos which helps to record clear and smooth videos even with a pile of fast movements which is lacking in the Canon T7 camera.


The audio quality of any camera is determined by certain features like Stereo Microphone, Microphone Port, etc. A stereo microphone allows you to record audios or movies in stereo mode without any external microphone and Canon EOS Rebel T7i supports stereo microphone while the Canon T7 doesn’t.

Also, in case of microphone port which allows you to connect to specialized or external high-end microphones, the T7i offers all these features while Rebel T7 doesn’t.

So, in case of audio quality, Rebel T7i has clearly taken the flag.


Up to what extent a camera can communicate to its environment might be an important factor in the process of camera decision for some of the imaging applications.

As the T7i supports the microphone port, it will be useful to improve the quality of the audio recordings by connecting it to any high-end external microphone while the Rebel T7 does not support the feature of mic input, but it supports WiFi connectivity.

Thus, the Rebel T7i camera provides better connectivity options than the Rebel T7 camera.


The extra feature of any camera is an additional benefit to the users. In this case, the Rebel T7 camera has the feature of touch autofocus which will help you to autofocus quickly and easily set to the subject only by touching it on the touch-screen.

Also, the Canon T7i supports the Bluetooth connectivity feature so that you can connect your camera vi Bluetooth to the other available devices.

The Rebel T7 on the other hand, supports built-in NFC(Near Field Communication) connectivity which will help you to perform simple wireless transaction.


The battery life of the Canon EOS Rebel T7i is better as compared to that of the Canon Rebel T7. With only one time charge in the T7i camera, you can take up to 600 shots while with the same amount of charge, the Canon T7 will give only 500 shots.


From the above comparison of the Rebel cameras, if we see in terms of features, the Rebel T7i is clearly the winner. The Rebel T7 is a latest model that still can be seen in the current product queue of Canon Rebel series while the Rebel T7i camera has been discontinued and replaced by the same queue of camera, Canon T8i.

Briefly comparing the strengths of Canon T7i and T7, the Rebel T7i offers better jpgs, better live-view autofocus, gives larger viewfinder image, more selfie-friendly, faster buffer clearing, touch-screen facility, better sound and heavily discounted whereas, you can choose the Rebel T7 camera as it is less heavy, more affordable and the latest version.

Seeing the number of relative strength ratio, T7i is the ultimate winner with better features than the rebel T7 camera. However, the relevance of several individual camera features varies according to personal needs and choice. Therefore, the final decision of choosing the best camera for you is often your personal choice only.

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