July 12, 2024

Understanding Olympus OMD EM5 Manual Symbols and Terms

Using cameras is no rocket science. But if you are new to it, you might need assistance getting started.

If you already own a particular type of camera, you may need some guidance to know its different terms and uses.

Knowing your camera and using it to the fullest to make the best use of its features is necessary.

So don’t let the cameras hamper your creativity and style because you are not completely aware of their operations. 

In this blog, we have simplified how you can understand the technical terms and complex aspects of the Olympus OMD EM5 manual, which will help you to get a better idea of using the camera.

Getting to know the technical terms and symbols in the Olympus OMD EM5 manual may seem like a huge task initially, but it can be easier to crack if you can break down its process.

Let’s get into the process to give you a better idea about using the camera and understanding its manual. 

  • Start with Familiarization: Knowing your camera better begins with knowing and getting hold of its physical components. It includes understanding the functioning of the buttons, dials, and ports that are on the camera body. You must understand where each control is located, and it will give you a fair idea of using the manual. 
  • Search for New Terms: Before beginning to read the manual, an important step is to create a list of essential terms. As you encounter them, note them down and find their meanings. Now, refer to this glossary every time you find new words and go through the meanings. This will give you the immediate meaning of the words and help you understand the meanings of the sentences written. 
  • Context is Key: Give attention to the context in which the terms and symbols are being used in the sentences. It will help you understand how they are related to camera usage and will help you get their significance.
  • Check the Online Resources: Just go online and type for informative videos on using Olympus OMD EM5. They will help you understand the technical terms and explanations of the usage of the camera. You can engage with these resources to see the terms in action on your camera.

Check the Online Resources

  • Break Down Complex Concepts: When you come across complex and difficult concepts in the manual, the best way to understand them is by breaking them down into smaller components. For instance, if your manual talks about “aperture,” learn about it and how it impacts your photographs before reading about its intricate details.
  • Visual Aids: Use visual aids in the manual, like videos and pictures, to better understand different concepts and operations. They give a clear view of how different settings work in giving the best possible results. 
  • Understanding Symbols:  The symbols are a representation of different functions or settings. Look for the explanatory section in the manual that explains the symbols used throughout the manual. Pay attention to the shape and any accompanying text and try to understand its meaning. Follow the instructions given in the manual in a step-by-step fashion without skipping any points or jumping ahead. This will give you a systematic understanding of the camera’s features. 
  • Practice single features: You must practice one feature at a time to get a complete hold of every part of the camera. Learn about it in depth, practice it well, and then move on to the next one. 

Practice single features

  • Apply what you learn: Apply what you have learned in your style of photography. For example, if you learn about exposure compensation, take pictures in different lighting conditions to see the difference in all the clicks. 
  • Take notes: As you go ahead in the manual, note down the important points and write how they can enhance your photography. Summarizing the content in your own words will help you when you visit the instructions later. 
  • Compare to Prior Knowledge: Relate and create a relation between how your new and old understandings of the camera play a role in photography. This will help in making the unfamiliar terms more relatable. 
  • Consistency is Key: Invest time in reading the manual and learning about the camera daily, consistently. It will help you to reinforce your learning and prevent forgetting operations. 
  • Ask for clarification: Don’t hesitate to get help from people who understand camera operations. You can ask questions in communities or forums dedicated to the same. It will help not just you but also the ones who are going through the same issues. 


Learning new technical terms and symbols in the Olympus OMD EM5 manual can take some time, especially if you are new to operating cameras.

So be patient with yourself and get hold of the process with consistent efforts and a little help from people around you. Over time, these symbols will become second nature.

By building step-by-step knowledge about the camera, efficiently using resources, and practicing with it, you will develop a good understanding of its functions and features quickly.

Tell us in the comments about what you learned about using the Olympus OMD EM5 camera.

Mateo Thomas

Mateo Thomas, with over 15 years of experience in camera technology and maintenance, is an expert in keeping photographic equipment in top condition. He received his Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from MIT and worked with leading camera manufacturers before joining our team in 2021. Mateo's deep understanding of camera mechanics and electronics matches his commitment to quality and precision. When not in the workshop, he's an enthusiastic landscape photographer and a mentor to aspiring photographers in his community.

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