July 16, 2024
How to Take Real Estate Photography

How to Take Real Estate Photography

How about taking real estate photos? Real estate photography refers to taking a fleet of photographs that showcase the interiors and exteriors of a home-based property that is out for sale.

You require a high-frame DSLR or an HDR cam that lets you take portraits and close-ups of your homes at top-class quality. As a real-estate dealer, you may need to showcase these high-end photographs that display depth and detail concerning the intricate aspects of the property or a commercial estate you plan to sell. Therefore, the quality of pictures cannot take a back seat after all.

Here are 6 simple tips that help you take the best real estate portraits without missing out an inch.

1. Clearance of External Obstructions

Clearance of External Obstructions

Concerning properties, it is the pictures that sell your deals. Hence, you must display slaying pictures to impress your prospective customers. Therefore, while you try showcasing the interiors of the home you plan to sell, the interiors must be cleared up of obstructions.

These include external objects like telephone wires, cables, trash cans, etc. This is because these are objects that can distract the gaze of the buyers, and they may decide not to buy your property. Therefore, the thumb rule here is to clean up your premises thoroughly before taking those picture-perfect snaps. And, the cleaner the ambiance is, the better buyers will envision themselves staying at that property.

2. Showcase the Interior of The Property in a Precise Manner

Showcase the Interior of The Property in a Precise Manner

Here, you must make sure that the interiors of your home property are taken in a crystal clear and precise manner. Every inch of the intricate aspects in terms of the room’s detailing must be made available to buyers who look at your real estate portraits.

The photographs must not contain vertical lines up and down the frame. To do so, you must orient the bottom of your HDR or DSLR cam on the tripod. You can take steps to decorate your homes so that the visibility factor of each room is fascinatingly revealed to the buyers.

3. What is the Height of Your Camera’s Tripod

What is the Height of Your Camera’s Tripod

You must determine what the height of your camera’s tripod is. You must capture intricate pictures and stunning portraits, keeping the camera at your eye level. To get a realistic overview of the same, you can keep the tripod at a height of 5.5 feet or so.

This way, you get a proper orientation of the room’s interiors, and it is easier to capture the beautiful aspects of the room in a highly impressive and compelling manner.

4. Using Natural Lighting as Much as Possible

Using Natural Lighting as Much as Possible

It is always the best bet to shoot pictures during the early morning hours of the day. Otherwise, you can shoot pictures before the sunset. This way, you have natural light penetrating through your doors, windows, or even curtain blinds.

To add to a more visually pleasing effect of your real estate portraits, you can keep the lights switched on. This way, you get the rooms illuminated and brightened, too. And you get those professionally attractive photos at your fingertips. Now, while you aim to photograph the interiors of the rooms, lift a portion of your curtain blinds. This way, you allow natural lighting and ventilation to seep through each of your rooms. Be it your living room, bedrooms, or your bathrooms.

In case of colder weather or dimmer lights, you can learn some of the intricate fall colors photography tips to take eye-capturing pics even while the lighting is dull or dim.

5. Showcase the More Attractive Facets of Your Rooms

Showcase the More Attractive Facets of Your Rooms

It is a fascinating idea when you showcase some of the best features of your room interiors. You can showcase some of the fascinating aspects of your home interiors, like your newly constructed fireplace, bright kitchen countertops, and the latest wall paintings that you have added to your home decor.

This way, you can display caricatures or portraits that display the best of features inside each of your rooms. And buyers will be tempted to buy your property without the bat of an eyelid. Brighter windows with blinds lifted can add a better degree of brightness and ventilation to each of your rooms, and you can take portraits inside brighter rooms that display the best of features that are found inside your rooms.

6. Making Room for Taking Plenty and Plenty of Photos

Making Room for Taking Plenty and Plenty of Photos

You must take plenty of photos to add to a pictorial effect. You can create compelling photogenic albums that display the fabulous props inside each of your rooms. Say, for instance, you can cover 10-15 photographs covering each room, and the photos can be taken from varied angles, as a matter of fact.

Likewise, you can cover about 70-80 pics covering the hall, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and the living cum dining areas. This way, your viewers would have an expansive overview of what each of your rooms would look like. A pictorial photo album can also capture the compelling features that you have decked up inside every single room.

And, while pictures do all the talking, selling your property is already done!


We have seen 6 photography techniques that can help a novice photographer take authentic photos and portrait snaps. Detailed tips and ideas have been discussed on how you can notch each technique to its ultimate degree of perfection.

To add to this, practice taking photographs now and then. The more you practice, the better you will get at it. You can even get hands-on online digital photography courses wherein you can learn the tips and techniques of the trade right from the hands of the experts. You can try attending seminars on portrait photography. This way, you can learn the techniques expert professionals use.

Having the right kind of camera is also something you must look for. Investing in the right type of camera helps you practice portraits and other forms of photography seamlessly.

So, which is the photography technique you are going to use right away? Do let us know about the same!

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