April 13, 2024
Hot Selfie Poses that Celebrities

What are Some Hot Selfie Poses that Celebrities Often Use?

Celebrities from Hollywood to Bollywood have been trailblazers when it comes to ‘the art of clicking a selfie.’

This is because they spend so much time in the spotlight; they’ve figured out what works in front of the camera, whether its a selfie or the red carpet.

From extreme head tilts to lean forwards, celebrities surely know how to accentuate an average selfie into something that gets hoards of likes and appreciation.

Let’s not forget reputable brands worldwide depend on celebrities to apply or wear their product, giving visibility to their product and how the product suits them.

Here are some celebrity hot selfie poses that will turn more eyes to yours if you start clicking them in a ‘celeb-approved’ way!

1. Kylie Jenner’s – Juicy Lips Expressions 

Kylie Jenner’s - Juicy Lips Expressions

With the head placed in the center and an aesthetic background to pose in, Kylie Jenner does justice to her makeup brand by showcasing her juicy lips in every selfie.

From caramel tones to bright reds, her lips steal the show while innocent eyes grab all the attention.

Soft focus lights make the selfie look like Kylie’s using a filter, thanks to her creative non-filter skills.

She accentuates her outfit by curving her body in a way that her makeup, as well as her outfit, are equally visible, balanced, and looking aesthetic.

2. Selena Gomez’s – Au Naturel Selfie

Selena Gomez’s - Au Naturel Selfie

No makeup selfies are rarely without makeup and have more to do with filters or smoothening the face with a blur tool.

However, Selena’s imperfections, be it her beautiful doe-shaped eyes without eyeliner, curly hair falling in more of a bundle than aesthetic or visible pores, and natural skin texture without any touch-ups. 

The secret here is more natural light and neutral tone backgrounds that accentuate a clean, no-makeup selfie.

Investing in a good mobile phone like an iPhone helps as the quality of your selfies will be good. 

3. Bella Hadid’s – Phone Face Selfie

Bella Hadid’s - Phone Face Selfie

Want to show off your makeup, face, phone, outfit, and background all in one selfie?

Bella’s signature Phone Face selfie is all about that. Her selection of iPhone covers and upgrading to the latest versions of the iPhone is another signature move you can take from her selfies. 

A gorgeous background, shiny, clean mirror, and bright outfit complimenting lights are all you need to pull off this selfie technique.

Another addition is wearing a beautiful outfit that you want to show off with complimentary makeup. 

4. Ashley Graham’s – Head Hold Selfie

Ashley Graham’s - Head Hold Selfie

Graham has gained recognition for tilting her head slightly to emphasize her natural curves, forming a distinct Z shape with her body.

This distinctive silhouette becomes even more pronounced when she places her opposite hand on her hip. 

While the pose isn’t entirely revolutionary (as many have struck similar poses before), Graham infuses her unique supermodel flair into it.

Great outfits and fresh blow-dried hair can accentuate this head-hold Graham selfie style.

5. Emily Ratajkowski’s – Over The Shoulder Selfie

Emily Ratajkowski’s - Over The Shoulder Selfie

Being the creator behind Inamorata Swim, her swimwear line, it’s expected that Ratajkowski’s distinctive Instagram pose involves a gaze over her shoulder.

The majority of her Instagram posts feature images of her physique. 

This particular pose that consistently reappears is where she glances coyly over her shoulder, showcasing her rear in the center of the frame.

To be impartial, this pose is undoubtedly well-suited for promoting swimwear.

6. Bella Thorne’s – Lean Forward Laugh Selfie

Bella Thorne’s - Lean Forward Laugh Selfie

Thorne’s quirky character is evident in her Instagram presence, making it unsurprising that her unique signature pose stands out.

Those who follow the actress on the platform frequently witness her distinctive pose, where she leans slightly forward while caught in laughter. 

This particular pose is a common sight when she’s standing, although there are instances where she employs it while seated.

So, if you’ve been holding on to your smile or laughter, a selfie would be a good way to add your charm to selfies.

7. Ashley Benson’s – Finger Bite Selfie

Ashley Benson’s - Finger Bite Selfie

Ever since her time on Pretty Little Liars, Benson has consistently turned to a single selfie stance: the finger nibble.

This stance entails positioning her hand close to her face, with a solitary finger positioned near her mouth. 

On occasion, the finger grazes Benson’s lip, creating the impression of a playful bite, while in other instances, it rests nearer to her cheek.

Regardless of its placement, the configuration of her hand remains nearly constant throughout.

8. Lily-Rose Depp’s – Hiding Face Tilt Selfie

Lily-Rose Depp’s - Hiding Face Tilt Selfie

How to accentuate your jaw and neck to create an alluring anatomy of a selfie is something Lily is very apt at showing off.

From showing off your neckline to the beauty of what you’re wearing, this selfie is a signature move that maybe very few will be able to master.

For starters, you can aesthetically pose facing away from the camera, but a focus light needs to be directed toward the center of your head to create that shape.

A flattering dress might be the right call to display in this kind of pose. 


When it comes to taking selfies like a pro, it goes without saying that a celebrity Instagram feed is the one thing to look out for.

Every picture differs from the others because everyone needs to maintain their brand of authenticity and style. 

To create your style for selfies or as a beginner, learn the best points from these celebrities.

Since they are habituated to click more photos in a day than any average person ever will, they’ve surely gotten the eye for the camera and likes of people in their court.

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