April 23, 2024
What is the Best Time of Day to Photograph Fall Colors

What is the Best Time of Day to Photograph Fall Colors?

Fall is one of the most popular seasons of the year. It comes after the Summer and goes before the Winter. Festivals like Thanksgiving and Halloween occur in this period. People enjoy the delightful morning and cozy evening in the fall with their comfort food and warm drinks. Apart from that, it’s also a perfect time for photography. The photographers bring their cameras to click the image of the fall colors. However, a few photographers struggle to find the proper timings. As a result, they fail to capture the images of nature during the season.

In this blog, you’ll learn the appropriate timings to capture photographs with some amazing fall colors photography tips. The fascinating weather provides nature with a vibrant look. As a photographer, you don’t need more reason to click images. A bright sunny day and overcast weather are good times.

Besides these, the dawn, morning, midnight, afternoon, evening, and night sky are also the best.

Concept of Fall Photography

Concept of Fall Photography

In general, ‘Fall Photography’ signifies the photography that is associated with the fall season. All seasons are good for photography. However, regarding the best photography season, fall is second on the list (Spring is at the top). During this time, the weather remains pleasant. It furnishes nature and its surroundings with a graceful look.

As a photographer, it is a great time to capture the images of nature and landscape. Everyone is familiar with the fall colors, as you often observe them in your PC or smartphone wallpapers. Even a few people add a portrait of the fall colors to their house.

Best Times for Fall Colors Photography

1. Dawn or Early Morning

Dawn or Early Morning

Dawn is the time of sunrise, and it’s one of the best times to capture the landscape during the fall season. The scene of early morning can bring elegance to your photography. In addition, it will furnish the landscape with a delightful look. So, the dawn or early morning sky is not a bad time for capturing fall colors. Wake up early and set a place for yourself, then click the beautiful images of fallen leaves, trees, and the surroundings.

2. Warm and Sunny Day

Warm and Sunny Day

It is assumed that a sunny day is the perfect time to capture the fall colors. At this time, the sun’s rays brighten the entire landscape. It is also known as the ‘Golden Hours’. The warm weather after sunrise can assist you in capturing the elegance of the season. Bring multiple lenses and a tripod set to click the image of nature during a sunny day of the fall season.

3. Overcast or Foggy Days

Overcast or Foggy Days

Sometimes, you may not get a sunny day or may not observe the ‘Golden Hours.’ So check the weather forecast before capturing the fall colors. However, even if you see the weather remain overcast, don’t feel sad. You can still capture a delightful landscape image of nature. Overcast weather is also recognized as the best time to capture the fall colors. Just use the proper exposure during photography to cope with the low-contrast weather.

4. Midnight Sky

Midnight Sky

Many photographers may not consider the midnight sky to capture the fall colors. However, it’s not a bad time. A midnight sky can assist you in capturing a calm and elegant picture of nature. Just like the dawn, midnight is also one of the best for the fall season. Bring a camera with a few telescopic zoom lenses. Then, commence your photography. 12 am to 2 am is the best midnight time to click fall pictures.

5. After the Rain

After the Rain

Sometimes, you may observe rainfalls in the fall season. Still, you don’t have to worry about it. Rain is also a perfect time to capture images of the fall colors. The after-rain sky furnishes the trees, nature, and its surroundings with a sophisticated look during the fall. In addition, you can unleash your creative side during photography. It’s also the best time to use the continuous shooting speed of your camera.

6. Afternoon


Afternoon is another best time to capture the image of fall colors. During this time, the sky remains bright because of the sun. However, the sun may not brighten the entire landscape directly or enormously. It can help you capture an image at a low light level. Apart from that, a few times before the sunset, you can click a beautiful scenario of the fall colors. You can also adjust the shadow level.

7. Evening or Night Sky

Evening or Night Sky

In the evening, after the sunsets, you might capture an image by applying a black/white balance. Enable the auto white balance function on your camera. The evening sky provides you assistance in capturing the image of fall colors. Besides these, you can also use the night sky to capture the landscape during the fall season (not after 10 p.m.). Your camera can also capture the image of the stars along with the fallen leaves or golden trees.


There’s no doubt that the fall season is one of the best times for photography. The pleasant weather and temperature guide the photographer in capturing the image of nature. In other words, it’s a perfect time for nature and landscape photography.

When it comes to the best timing for fall photography, a warm or sunny day is preferable. It’s also known as the ‘Golden Hours’. You can also wake up early and capture the fall colors before the sunrise. Besides these, an overcast condition or the day after rainfall is also a suitable time for capturing fall images. Capturing the fall colors at midnight, afternoon, evening, or night is also a good idea. Choose what is appropriate for you.

In this blog, you’ve acknowledged the best timings to capture fall colors. Which time do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

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