July 16, 2024
Where to Buy Replacment Parts for Cannon G10

Where to Buy Replacment Parts for Cannon G10

Are you looking for a mid-range digital camera that caters to your photo and video requirements?

Check out this Canon Powershot G10 camera and the places where you can buy its replacement parts.

This digital camera was launched by Canon in 2008 and is still prevalent and liked by many camera professionals.

Canon G10 is renowned for its lightweight and ergonomics, which makes it easier to carry while traveling.

The Canon G10 has a dedicated ISO and exposure dial and a mode dial, allowing you to program the camera settings and save them in custom slots.

Another valid reason to purchase this camera is its hot shoe on top, which can be paired with a wireless trigger for nice flash photos.

Here is a compilation of the Canon Powershot G10 parts that can be repaired and the places to buy their replacement parts.

1. Motherboard


The motherboard is an important part of the camera that controls all the functions and is responsible for communicating between the RAM chip, CPU, and Input/output of the camera.

If the motherboard does not work properly, there can be issues with the camera.

In Canon G10, the motherboard needs to be changed when the battery starts to drain quickly.

You can choose to send the digital camera to the Canon store or purchase a motherboard from eBay.

You can get the main board replacement part of Canon G10 on eBay by checking a few things.

Begin by checking the user feedback, which is denoted in percentage.

Always look for real images on the site and read the description before buying.

You can also check if the seller is authentic by going through their past sold items and contacting them.

It is advisable to buy the replacement parts of Canon G10 from within the country. This will save the shipping and import fees.

Apart from this, buying a motherboard from eBay will be cost-effective.

2. Lens


The Canon G10 has a ring surrounding the lens of the camera.

Once the ring is removed, you can attach a telephoto adapter or a wide-angle adapter for better image quality.

Camera lenses play an important role in crisp and detailed photos and videos.

These lenses are prone to scratch and damage that can be caused by zooming out the lens.

You need to replace the lenses when there is a sudden camera shutdown with or without an error on the LCD screen.

You can get the replacement part of the Canon G10 on eBay. The lens replacement can be done at home in a few steps.

Begin by removing the battery and accessories like the grip with the help of a spudger.

Later on, with the help of a screwdriver, remove all the screws in an orderly manner to disassemble the front and back camera parts.

The front part of the camera will be attached to a cable. Remove the internal screws and display carefully.

Lift up the lens barrel and slide it out from the right side. Add the new lens ordered from eBay and put all the screws and parts in the same position.

The final step is checking whether the lens shoots in and out.

3. LCD screen

LCD screen

The Canon G10 is a compact camera with simple navigation buttons and a fixed 3-inch LCD screen.

Although the screen is not fully articulated, it does have a fine level of usability. You will be able to see the details with a resolution of 460K.

This digital camera works perfectly both indoors and outdoors.

The benefit of the Canon G10 screen is that it has a very wide viewing angle, which allows you to see the screen even while holding it at very high or very low angles.

LCD screen can easily be damaged if the camera falls, or gets in contact with any liquid. The screen is vulnerable to scratches, too.

You can easily replace the LCD screen by purchasing it from Amazon. This process will fall within budget and is easy to achieve.

With the help of a screwdriver, remove all the six screws from the sides and underneath.

Now, the panel surrounding the screen will easily come off.

Make sure to remove the internal screws, too, so you can loosen the cover and black piece of plastic surrounding the screen or backlight.

This black piece of plastic is the replacement part of Canon G10’s screen.

Secure the screws in their original positions for the camera to function perfectly.

Sometimes, due to loose screws, it can lead to damage to other essential components like the motherboard.

Remove the plastic cover from the screen and give it a gentle cleaning.


The Canon Powershot G10 has been used for 15 years by beginners and professionals.

The camera is a point-and-shoot one, which means it is perfect for beginners not well-equipped with focus and exposure settings.

As this camera was launched in the 2000s, it is now available in a very cost-effective range that all camera enthusiasts can afford.

Although this camera is a digital one, the above features, like exposure and ISO dial, are seen in today’s mirrorless cameras.

Cameras are prone to damage by accidental falling or coming in contact with water.

This camera is too old to be under warranty and repaired at the Canon store.

The best places to purchase their replacement parts are Amazon or eBay.

The Canon G10 parts will be bought within budget and from a trusted site.

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