April 13, 2024
Does Canon 100D Have Touch-Screen?

Does Canon 100D Have Touch-Screen?

A Canon 100D is the smallest and the lightest DSLR to be made for passionate photographers who love to take their cameras everywhere with them.

The camera has a resolution of 18 megapixels, which delivers fantastic photos and videos.

It gives a ‘CMOS AF II’ with 80% frame coverage. It offers a 3-inch Fixed Type LCD screen with the touch screen feature and an amazing screen resolution of 1040K dots.

This camera has a DIGIC 5 image processor and 4fps continuous shooting.

The 100D video mode provides 1080p Full HD recording at 24/25/30fps and 720p HD capture at 50- or 60fps, with full manual control over exposure and gain.

The camera has a solid build and is beautifully designed in a specific style, which is compact and lightweight.

These features, including the touch screen, make it stand out from the other cameras in the market.

Let us explore more fascinating features of the Canon 100D camera.

Does Canon 100D Have a Touchscreen?

Yes, Canon 100D comes with a touch screen. It is known as the best compact digital camera on the market.

The camera’s touchscreen works like a modern smartphone with a highly intuitive and responsive interface.

In this camera, you can adjust the touchscreen’s sensitivity, which will also be effective with thin gloves.

Does Canon 100D Have a Touchscreen?

The Canon 100D camera has a fixed screen and is not articulated.

This kind of style was made because of the compact size of the camera.

This camera’s touchscreen interface is similar to the Canon’s 650D and M.

It has fast processing and capacitive touch, so the screen’s interface is highly responsive.

The ‘Q’ button on the back of the camera brings up a touch-sensitive quick menu.

Each icon retains the same position when the camera displays its current settings on the screen.

The qualities mentioned before take the touchscreen of this camera to the level of the intuitiveness of the smartphone’s screen.

The Design of the Camera 

The Design of the Camera 

The design of the camera is very crucial, especially when it comes to DSLR cameras.

The Canon 100D has a strong build and compact design. It measures around 117×91×69mm, which is small enough to adjust to any place.

This camera weighs around 407 grams, much less than the traditional DSLR cameras.

It comes in a classic black color. The camera’s aluminum and polycarbonate resin body construction gives a strong and bold design.

A textured handgrip gives a good hold of the camera.

The in-built touchscreen of the camera works smoothly without any resistance.

It is being appreciated by many photographers for its effective working.



The Canon 100D has an optical viewfinder, which gives high accuracy and easy use.

The 3-inch Fixed Type LCD screen makes it easier for the user to click sharp and clear images.

The camera offers brilliant resolutions of 1040K dots with a wide view angle that produces clear images.



The Canon 100D has nine focus points, which would help the users to focus on a specific subject in the frame.

It is useful for the imaging sensors and determines to focus on the right areas in the scene.

It has several types of automatic modes. The face detection feature of the camera is very impressive.

The face selects and track feature automatically spots the face on the camera.

The built-in HDR mode of the camera helps the photographer shoot pictures in a high-dynamic range.

As a result, the photos and videos produced by the Canon 100D are beautiful and highly defined.



The camera uses lithium-ion batteries, which are popular in compact digicams.

It can capture up to 380 shots per charge. Considering the average battery backup of the DSLR cameras, the Canon 100D has a short battery backup.

So, make sure to carry a few battery backups with you when you are traveling with the camera.


The touchscreen of the Canon 100D is the most amazing feature of the camera.

It helps in operating the functions more smoothly and effectively.

The pictures and videos that are shot from this camera are sharp and clear.

The above-presented information on the touchscreen of the camera and its other additional features are witness to the greatness of this camera and the result it gives.

We hope you liked the article and would consider all the features when buying this camera.

The sleek body, good resolution, and other splendid features of the camera make it a perfect purchase for users who are adventurous and passionate about photography.

It is an ideal package for people looking for a modern-day DSLR.

So get your hands on this camera and enjoy the fantastic quality of shooting videos and photos. Good Luck!

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