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Impressive Canon EOS 100D – Have You Tried?

Canon has been doing spectacular job in the gadget world by giving the world, a whole new Photography experience with its Cameras. Whether it’s the PowerShot series or the Rebel, Canon has never failed to impress its customers with its every launch. Each of its cameras have been providing the photography community a variety of options and features to click some extraordinary pictures.

With the launch of the EOS 100D camera, Canon placed its cards on the table. Also known as Rebel SL1, the 100D camera was announced as the ‘World’s smallest’ and lightest DSLR camera.

The Canon EOS 100D is a solid build and well styled camera with an impressive small body. The external look of the camera appears very superior and lavish. An imposing and large camera with a quality built body will lift the passion of the photographers also.

A big thanks to the downsizing of the internal components which has resulted in the smaller shutter system and thinner sensor modules which has made the Rebel SL1 a significantly lighter and smaller camera than the co-declared Rebel T5i, whilst offering same 18 MP resolution, image quality and DIGIC 5 image processor.

Canon EOS 100D Reviews

Designed to please those who might be enticed by its minuscule dimensions of the mirrorless models, the Rebel SL1 is a smartly crafted camera. The EOS 100D introduces the second version of the Hybrid CMOS AF system of Canon, initially seen in Rebel T4i.

Like the Canon Rebel T4i, the body design of the Canon EOS 100D camera is developed from its predecessor, the camera has retained most of the features and controls found typically on the Rebel series cameras. The front dial and native ISO, AE/AF lock buttons and exposure compensation are some of the controls which are familiar to the dedicated Canon DSLR users.

The touchscreen of the Rebel SL1 is quite identical to the Rebel T4i and Rebel T5i, except for the fact that, it is fixed instead of articulated.

Even though Canon didn’t make any claims regarding the focus speed improvement, the Sl1 covers a remarkable portions of live view area which makes it a significantly useful choice than the other versions found on T4i and EOS M. Later, the Rebel SL1 was replaced by the Canon Rebel SL2 camera of the same series.

The Canon EOS 100D camera is considered as one of the best compact digital cameras. However, we will be digging deep into the features of the camera to know more about it.

Brief Description of Canon EOS 100D

Launch It was launched in July 2013. It is also known as Canon Rebel SL1 and EOS Kiss in some countries.
Design It is an ultra-compact and light weighted camera which has a size of 117 x 91 x 69 mm and weight of 407 grams (0.90 lb / 14.36 oz)
Sensor It supports an APS-C sized CMOS Sensor with DIGIC 5 image processor which provides high-speed AF, fast response time and sharp images.

The camera has a resolution of 18 M with native sensitivity range of ISO 100 to ISO 12800.

Display It supports a 3 inch Fixed Type LCD screen with touch screen feature and a splendid screen resolution of 1040K dots.
Optics It offers the 9 focus points and 1 cross type focus point along with the Face detection feature to make your picture focusing experience better.
Videography The camera records videos at the highest resolution of 1920 x 1080 at a continuous shooting speed of 30fps and saves them in the MPEG and H.264 format.

It also supports the RAW and 24P cinema modevideo recording to shoot smooth motion pictures.

Audio Canon 100D supports a mono microphone and mono speaker which helps to make the sound quality better.

It also has a port to connect an external microphone to boost the sound quality.

Connectivity The Canon camera supports the HDMI USB connectivity to connect your camera to any PCdirectly to perform post image processing.

It also offers the remote control feature which allows you to control the device remotely.

Battery It has an average battery backup which can capture up to 380 shots in a single charge.
Price The Canon EOS 100D costs in the range of $450 to $500 which is quite a good deal seeing its properties and features.


The Canon EOS 100D is an entry level DSLR camera popularly known as the Rebel SL1 and EOS Kiss in other regions of the world was officially inaugurated in the photography world in July 2013.


With the amazing features and design of the body, the EOS 100D is a well build camera. The designs of DSLR cameras are crucial when we give a thought of buying a camera. It is quite a small and compact camera which measures around 117 x 91 x 69 mm that is small enough to get adjusted easily anyplace in your carry bags. Rebel SL1 is a light weighted camera which weighs 407 grams (0.90 lb / 14.36 oz) approximately which is pretty lesser than the size of a typical DSLR camera. The Canon EOS 100D is available in the classic Black color.

The camera is designed in such a way to resemble the previous T4i and T5i cameras, but the Canon SL1 camera has a bulk of enhancements in internal controls and improved dials with ISO settings. The controls are solidly mounted assuring a positive click so that we can operate the camera without any issue even in low light.

The in-built touchscreen interface of the EOS 100D camera works like butter with rapid speed. The touchscreen feature will entice especially the smartphone users who are pro at using phones and passionate about photography.


Sensor of any DSLR camera is crucial part of its properties and features which helps the users to click the perfect pictures seamlessly.

A camera with the larger sensor will always have larger individual pixels and also provide a clear low-light native sensitivity with richer color depth. Also, with larger sensor cameras, photographers will have more controls over the depths of the field in photos. In turn, improving the image quality and the capability of a camera to isolate the subjects from the backgrounds.

The Canon EOS 100D camera has many improvements and additions from its predecessor cameras. It has the APS-C sized CMOS Sensor with the DIGIC 5 image processor which provides clear, high-speed AF, fast response time and sharp images.

The camera has a maximum native sensitivity lying in the range of 100 ISO to 12800 ISO. The camera supports a 95% viewfinder coverage to compose the images correctly while you capture the pictures. The EOS 100D camera offers an amazing resolution of 18 Megapixel and captures beautiful and smooth digital pictures. The resolution of a camera comes at the cost of higher pixel density with a smaller individual pixel size.


The Canon EOS 100D is a DSLR camera full of features with optical viewfinder which provides high accuracy and easy use.The Canon 100D camera has a 3 inch Fixed Type LCD screen which would help any user to click sharp and clear images.

The LCD of the EOS Rebel camera supports touch screen which allows you to operate the camera at your fingertips. It also eases your task of changing the settings to set the focus on the images easily. Maximum the resolution of the camera, sharper and clearer images will be produced and also assist you in reviewing the pictures with more proficiency.

The camera offers a splendid screen resolutions of 1040K dots with a wide viewing anglewhich will produce clear and sharp photographs.

The in-built Optical Pentamirror Viewfinder of the Rebel SL1 camera ensures that the image and the video are being shot with crystal clear quality. Location will never be a limit for you with the Canon EOS 100D.


The Rebel SL1 camera targets all the major causes of blur with optical Viewfinder, High ISO, and Face Detection Technology. It will help the photographers to rectify the unwanted movement of images.

the Canon EOS 100D camera is having 9 focus points which would help the users to focus on a specific subject on the frame. It is proved useful for the imaging sensors also to determine the right areas to focus on a scene with multiple types of automatic mode.

The Canon EOS 100D is an improved version of its predecessors with multiple improvements and additional features. The Face detection feature of the camera is an impressive feature with the face select and track feature which automatically spots the face on the camera frame easily.

It also offers you a 4fps fast continuous shooting which is helpful to capture even the fast movements in the subject smoothly.

The built-in HDR mode of the DSLR camera allows the photographer to shoot pictures automatically with High Dynamic Range.


Recording the happy moments, festive seasons or any functions in a high definition is always a desire of anyone. With awesome video recording feature, the Canon EOS 100D will not disappoint you.

The EOS 100D records videos at maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 at a continuous shooting speed of 30fps and saves them in the Motion JPEG and H.264 formats.

Cameras with maximum resolution and frame rates offer better quality videos than the cameras with lower resolutions. The Canon EOS 100D camera’s Full HD resolution will be sufficient to shoot high quality videos in most of the situations.

It also offers the Phase Detection Autofocus which can record very sharp and clear videos even with lots of fast movements.

The 24P Cinema mode of the EOS 100D camera will make the photographers life easy by creating film-like motion pictures.


The quality of the sound recording of the Canon Rebel SL1 camera might be rated as an average. The Canon EOS 100D has a single microphone which could allow the enjoyer to record the audios with better sound quality and filter the background noise.

The Rebel SL1 has an in-built Mono speaker and a port to connect external microphones in order to record great quality videos and audios.


The ease of sharing your pictures and videos is one of the important features of any camera. The communication of the device with other compatible devices is a major factor which can alter the decision of the user.

The Canon EOS 100D supports the HDMI USB connectivity to connect your camera to the computer to transfer the clicked pictures and other files.

The EOS 100D camera also offers the remote control feature which is helpful for you in controlling the device remotely.

The camera has an accelerometer sensor which measures the linear acceleration of the camera. One of the common applications of this feature is to detect the change in the position when the camera moves from vertical to horizontal or vice-versa position.


The Canon EOS 100D uses the Lithium Ion batteries which are very popular in the compact digicams. The EOS 100D can capture up to 380 shots per charge. If we consider the average battery backup of the DSLR cameras, the Canon 100D DSLR has a short battery backup in its category. So, it’s highly recommended to take a few battery backups with you if you are desiring to use the DSLR camera during your travel in your vacation with the aim that you could shoot and click the extraordinary pictures of the journey by not waiting for the camera to charge each and every time.

The battery drains rapidly because of the camera’s LCD screen, so to make the camera last long, you can keep the LCD turned off.


The Canon EOS 100D DSLR camera comes in the price range of $450 to $500 which is not at all a bad deal keeping in mind the features it’s possessing like the touch screen and ultra-compact body. And seeing these features and the video recording and image qualities, the DSLR camera is a good purchase in the price range.

So, if you have any plans or thoughts to buy the camera, you can buy it online on Amazon


The Canon EOS 100D or Rebel SL3 will not let you down when it comes to the overall performance of the camera. The Canon EOS 100D camera is a stunning photographic gadget for the enthusiastic photographers. The small and compact design of the camera than the previous cameras makes the 100D useful and simple to click different types of photographs.

The optical quality of the camera is very nice, especially when we consider the high 18 MP resolution. The image quality is also very impressive with good control over colors.

The sleek body, optical image stabilization, god resolution and lots of other additional features and attributes tuned for the photographers of all categories depicts the quality of the Canon Rebel SL1 itself.

The EOS 100D camera is a small package with a bang of features and quality photography for the enthusiastic and professional photographers.

However, different people have different choices which implies to cameras and photographers too. People give different weightage to different features and criteria. The opinion of a sports photographer will be different from a wildlife photographer. Similarly, An expert will see the camera and its features in a different way as compared to that of a novice or just a beginner photographer. And after seeing all the features in the blog, while some would make the mind to buy it, other might not. So, the last decision of choosing the best suitable camera for you is often a personal choice only.

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