April 24, 2024
Is Canon 5D Mark IV Difficult to Use

Is Canon 5D Mark IV Difficult to Use?

The Canon 5D Mark IV is one of the most popular choices among a very wide range of enthusiasts and professionals, and we’re here to talk about its usability and how user-friendly it proves to be if it’s put in the hands of a newbie.

For the sake of this argument and a camera’s review, we believe the usability of a camera is judged by how well it sits in the hands of a beginner; if a beginner can use it with ease, then it’ll surely prove to be one of the most user-friendly cameras to a very wide band of photographers from intermediate to professionals. Everyone will surely approve of its ergonomics, user interface, software, etc., basically every part of the camera that comes in first or close contact with the user.

In this article, we’ll discuss the key usability aspects of the Canon 5D Mark IV, as there is no comparison between 6D Mark 2 vs 5D Mark 4.

An Overview

An Overview

There are a lot of features that make the Canon 5D Mark IV one of the most loved by enthusiasts and professionals alike, and there are various reasons for it, but let’s first understand the basic functionality and specifications of this camera.

So, the Canon 5D Mark IV has a 30.4 Megapixel CMOS full-frame sensor that supports dual-pixel autofocus with a 61-point autofocus system paired with 41 cross-type sensors.

Resolution-wise, the Canon 5D Mark IV supports up to DCI 4k at 30 and 24 fps; it has a headphone jack, 2 SD card slots, a touchscreen viewfinder, and comes pre-equipped with WiFi and NFC. For precise information, the camera also has a GPS.

The image processor on the Canon 5D Mark IV is a Digic 6+, and the ISO range, although stated as 100 to 32000, is expandable up to 102400, which is phenomenal if you’re also getting to realize the so many uses of this like us.

When we talk about continuous shooting, this beast is capable of 7 frames per second, and it’s built tough; the weather sealing on this thing is solid and gives you the added confidence to take it into the wild and go berserk!

But the biggest strength of this camera is the ‘Full-Frame’ sized 35mm sensor, which, paired with the Dual Pixel Auto Focus, is one combination made to accomplish wonders!

Design and Feel

Design and Feel

Feeling almost similar to its predecessor, the Canon 5D Mark IV is about 75g lighter than the Mark III, and this difference is very noticeable, especially during long photo sessions. Still, the camera retains the widely-loved ergonomics of the Mark III; if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right?

The touchscreen and bumped-up resolution are really what captured our attention again and again; the screen makes it so much easier to tap and let the camera autofocus and greatly improves the overall usability of the Canon 5D Mark IV.

The battery is good; it offers about 850-900 shots on a single charge, which is decent, but live viewing is brought into the equation; the number stands at around 300, which is highly impressive considering the specs of this camera.

The customizable controls add a bump to its usability, and the overall grip, weight, and positioning of buttons make the camera very user-friendly and, in fact, beginner-friendly as well.



Like every Canon 5D owner in the past, we also had the same requests regarding the dynamic range of the camera, the resolution, and the AutoFocus capabilities, and Canon has answered all our prayers; they’ve improved on all these points in the Canon 5D Mark IV with great emphasis on the AutoFocus capability.

Image quality is great; there is much more flexibility and room for adjustments. You can play around a lot with the exposure since you get all the ISO range, and again, the AutoFocus makes taking pictures a charm. Viewfinder is awesome, and just the right arsenal to be paired with dual-pixel autofocus makes usability a breeze.

So, even for argument’s sake, we can safely say that when considering a competition between the 6D Mark 2 vs. 5D Mark 4. There is not much that the 5D can’t do and, in certain areas, might even prove to be the better camera; for example, the videography on this makes full use of the dual pixel AF, and even a single person alone can capture stunning videos with ease.


All in all, we can conclude by saying that a lot was riding on the shoulders of the Mark IV, but it filled the shoes of its predecessor quite nicely. The magnesium-alloy body to reduce weight, the higher resolution, the ergonomics, the image quality, image processing, connectivity, customization, the great ISO range with expandability, the autofocus, and shutter speed all make the Canon 5D Mark IV the perfect choice for a profession or an enthusiast.

On the note of ease of use, it is a very user-friendly camera with all the camera specifications molded as features that focus on ease of use and customizability. The four-year wait for this camera is proving to be worth it, and we’re sure if you pick this one for yourself, usability will not tamper with your decision-making process.

So go out, get hands-on, and then decide!

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