July 16, 2024
Tips for Sports Videography

5 Tips for Sports Videography

Sports videography is an important part of any local, state, national, or international match.

To capture entertaining and thrilling moments of the match.

Also, a camera on any match helps in many important decisions.

But no matter how well-known and big a sports videographer you are, there are some tips that you must follow before, after, and throughout the filming process.

In the article below, we will discuss five tips or things to remember as a sports videographer.

Following the tips will help you produce and capture stunning video clips of matches and show you how to use the best camera for filming sports.

1. Instead of DSLR, Use a Video Camera

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Most of the videographers make this mistake and use DSLR instead of a video camera.

When it comes to DSLR, it has some limitations, like it cannot film continuously but only has a limit of 12-30 minutes.

Imagine you are filming a part match using a DSLR camera, and suddenly your camera stops working. Now, you have to stop the recording, which can create a negative impact.

Secondly, a DSLR camera can be very disorienting to the one watching the match because of the rolling shutters on it.

They have the function of creating each frame horizontally, inviting skewing and wobbling artifacts.

2. Film at High Frame Rates and Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed and Shutter Angle Explained - Indie Tips

To work as a sports videographer, ensure high shutter speed and frame rates.

You have to set a setting so the frame rate is half the shutter speed.

The most embraced frame rate is 24fps (1/48th shutter speed); many television shows and feature films are shot at these frame rates cause it gives a more cinematic look.

Also, this frame ra5e is great for creating advertisements, commercials, or wedding photo shoots.

But it is a little too slow for sports, so the best frame rate is 60fps (1/120th shutter speed).

3. Experiment with Different Angles

Sportsmasts Live Sports Filming — Sportsmasts | Sports Camera Masts

If you are a sports videographer, the most common shots taken are close-up shots, which is not bad, but doing it continuously may show the limitations in your skills.

Closeups are mainly used in television series and movies. So, instead of close-ups, you can go for wide shots.

Doing this will help the viewers cause they can watch it more comfortably.

The wider shots are always clearer for them, so it’s important to remember to film the match from different angles.

You can also film the audience in the middle of the game. Doing this will excite them, and your shot will become more interesting.

4. Usage of The Lens with Deep Depth of Field

What is Depth of Field? Examples of Shallow vs Deep Depth of Field

Ensure that the camera you buy does not have a shallow depth of field, which is achieved through fast lenses and large sensors.

Using a lens with shallow depth can be a good idea unless and until it comes to filming sports games.

Use a camera that has a deep-depth lens while filming a sports match. It will prevent your video from going in and out of focus.

5. Find High Ground 

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If you want to provide your audience with the best view of action, then film from high to the ground.

If your film is very close to the field, then you (the cameraman) and the other field will become compressed and create a spatial relations problem.

So, the best way to film a sports match is to be as high as possible.


In the above article, we learned some ways to improve your sports videographer skills.

By inheriting these tips in your daily work routine, you can be a proficient videographer who knows how to capture important moments of sports matches.

Always remember, despite all these tips, the most important thing is to have a good presence of mind while recording.

Why do you want to be a sports videographer? Your thoughts in the comment box below are welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Take Good Sports Videos?

To make a good sports video, you must follow some important tips like using a video camera instead of a DSLR camera, having a good presence of mind all the time during the match, and recording high shots instead of close-ups.

What are the Best Settings for Sports Videography?

While recording, ensure the frame rate is half the shutter speed. For example, if your frame rate is 60 fps, the shutter must be 1/120th. Secondly, keep your aperture as low as possible. After these two settings, set your ISO to a certain level of brightness that suits the frame.

What is the Best Video Resolution for Sports?

In most of the cases, cameramen use between 1080p@60fps or 4k@30fps. Though they give high-quality images, sometimes, in sports, a high frame rate is better than high quality, so for shooting sports, the recommended resolution is 1080p@60fps.

What Makes a Video Look Good?

To make a video look good, you must focus on certain characteristics like good video editing, audience relevance, relevant content, and many more. But the most effective and important way is to make a video to which the audience may feel connected.

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