April 23, 2024
What Are the Benefits of Using Tungsten Light in Still Life Photography

What Are the Benefits of Using Tungsten Light in Still Life Photography?

Lighting plays a very important role in photography. Pictures taken under bad lighting can ruin the shot entirely. If you are a professional photographer, you already know this from experience.

There are as many as five different outer sources of light available for photography. These are- sunlight, fluorescent light or white light coming from tubes, LED lighting coming from bulbs, hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide light, which is used by filmmakers, and tungsten light that is used in both movies and generally.

In this article, we will be talking at length about tungsten light photography, what it is, and why it is beneficial in still-life photography.

What is Tungsten Light?

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Tungsten light comes from a bulb filled with halogen gas and is considered one of the most versatile lights. You can instantly recognize a tungsten light from other lights because of its deep, warm hue.

The temperature of color in artificial lights is calculated in Kelvin units. The higher the temperature, the warmer the color is. Tungsten light produces a color temperature of around 3200K.

The light from the tungsten bulb is, thus, in the deep shades of reds, oranges, and yellows. Because of their warm tones, tungsten lights are considered essential lighting elements for indoor video and photography shootings.

Benefits of Using Tungsten Light in Still Life Photography

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There are many benefits of using these lightings for perfect in-studio still-life photography. We highlight some of the benefits below.

  • Better Stills: The quality of your photos, of course, depends on your camera’s lens, but as we stated earlier, lighting plays a major role in improving or ruining the quality. Tungsten lights can make your high-quality images superior in clarity and rich in color as they produce fewer blue hues, which cause noise or distortion in images.
  • Adjustable Light: The beauty of tungsten lights is their color temperature can be adjusted according to the changing needs. The lights can be dimmed and increased to change the intensity of the burning warmth.
  • Turn Day into Night: Do you need to shoot a night still-life photo during the day? No worries when you have tungsten light with you. With their incandescent warm hues, you can impressively pass a full indoor daylight scene as a night if you want. They do this by turning the bright sunlight into blue with clean whites for an unmistakable night look.
  • Can Be Used in Areas without Electricity: Since tungsten lights need pressurized halogen gas to work, they are good options for days or places where there is no arrangement of electricity.
  • Easy to Use: Tungsten lighting is quite simple and easy to use, with no extra equipment needed to set up with it. The only things you need are your camera, other lighting, and tungsten lighting for the desired effect.
  • Long Lasting: Tungsten lights need less frequent replacements because they have large bulbs that use less amount of power. This means they can stay lit for hours continuously without flickering and, therefore, are brilliant options during hectic schedules or when meeting deadlines.
  • Low-Priced: Photography is an expensive affair. And tungsten lights ensure some of that budgetary load is reduced. Tungsten lights are more affordable than most other lighting options, and that is what makes them a highly sought-after option.

Disadvantages of Tungsten Lights

Despite them being brilliant sources of artificial light for indoor use in photography, they also have some drawbacks that one must be aware of.

They Can Get Really Hot: Tungsten bulbs can burn really hot. They run at a high wattage and become increasingly hot during usage. That is why they are available in bulbs made using hardcore glasses that won’t break due to the surmounting heat. If you are using tungsten lights for indoor shoots, be very careful not to touch the bulbs with bare hands. Use a thick cloth or gloves when handling the lighting.

They are Very Heavy: One major drawback of tungsten lights is they are quite heavy to lift. This is the reason they can’t be carried around for different location shoots. But if you have to shoot in one location, weight shouldn’t restrict you from using tungsten lights.

Things to Consider When Using Tungsten Lights for Photography

Things to Consider When Using Tungsten Lights for Photography

There are certain things that you need to be sure of when using these incandescent halogen lights for still-life photography. Since the advantages of tungsten lights outweigh their disadvantages, many photographers prefer shooting in these lights. The subject of your photo is what matters the most in deciding the direction of the lighting for flawless images. You need to use the heat from the tungsten bulbs in favor of your photos, as the intensity can damage their look.

Tungsten light can create a shadowy illumination when focused on a subject. So, you have to ensure you are lighting up the subject from multiple angles to create a vivid yet warm photo minus the long body shadows and those on the face.

The distance between the camera, lighting, and the subject is crucial, too. Ensure your subject is at least 3 feet away from the light source for perfect illumination and capture.

Tungsten lighting is made for single-subject shoots. Adding too many subjects in one frame can ruin the look, as the lighting will not be enough to illuminate each face and feature.

Best Tungsten Lights for Your Home

Best Tungsten Lights for Your Home

If you want the warm glow emitted in your favorite part of the home or set it up for personal photography, here are some of the best tungsten lights for your personal use.

1. Globe Electric Vintage Edison G30 Vanity Tungsten Light Bulb

If your home is your place of shooting still-life photography, this tungsten bulb will come in handy. It is designed for placement in homes and provides a deep warmth, which is a perfect setting for photographs. The bulb has a 60W capacity and 2200 kelvin color temperature. It has a burning time of 3000 hours.

2. ONSHONE 2PCS Solar Tungsten Wall Light Outdoor

This tungsten light is perfect for a warm setting right outside your home. It is great to light up gardens, patios, porches, etc., for inviting get-togethers and photo sessions. It comes with 3 lighting modes: smart sensing, waterproofing, and more.

3. Basics Hardware 6-Pack Edison Light Bulb

This light bulb is designed to give your home or garden a vintage glow that feels very welcoming and is perfect for photos. It comes in a colored bulb that adds an extra soothing tint. It has a color temperature of 2700K, which can be dimmed as per your preference.

Final Words

Armed with this information about tungsten lights, we are sure your next photography session will be mind-blowing in terms of results and shooting experience.

And it doesn’t matter that you aren’t a professional photographer. You can still enjoy the lovely warmth of tungsten glow in your photos by installing the lighting in your home.

Choose from the bulbs recommended above, and you can make your personal space and photos light up with a distinct warmth that feels very inviting.

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