June 19, 2024
Where Are Canon Cameras Made

Where Are Canon Cameras Made

Canon cameras are widely renowned for their quality, innovation, and lasting performance, but have you ever imagined where they come from or get manufactured? Well, if this query has piqued your interest, it’s time to relax. We have researched throughout and finally got to know where Canon’s imaging devices are manufactured.

Well, Canon, being a renowned camera brand, boasts many production centers, but only a few among them are the main ones. This means only some of them deal with expensive manufacturing and possess advanced technology.

Before moving on to those high-tech production centers, browse below to know how Canon has expanded its network and efficiently manages everything without compromising quality.

An Overview of Canon Global Manufacturing Network

An Overview of Canon Global Manufacturing Network

Canon’s camera manufacturing network spreads over multiple continents and plays an important role in producing Canon’s wide range of imaging and other optical products. The network comprises manufacturing facilities in different countries, each with its product manufacturing specialization, such as cameras, printers, and other equipment. These facilities are spread over a total of 13 locations outside its main camera production hub in Japan.

Apart from these subsidiaries, Canon has tie-ups with foreign companies and distributors that expand their connections to more than 150 countries around the globe. All this contributes to forming a robust global manufacturing network, ensuring quick and smooth delivery in any part of the world.

Main Production Hubs

Main Production Hubs

Canon possesses a wide number of manufacturing centers that deal in the production of specific equipment, but few take the lead in the production of Canon cameras. The most renowned and advanced ones are in Japan, while some production facilities are in Taiwan and Malaysia, too.

The below-mentioned hubs will throw a detailed light on the same:

1. Nagasaki Hub

Nagasaki Hub

Canon’s Nagasaki Hub, better called Nagasaki Canon Inc., specializes in producing Canon cameras for seasoned photographers like those who are really good at photography or are professionals. The hub manufactures all kinds of cameras, especially small digital ones like IXUS, mirrorless ones, DSLRs, and network cameras such as Canon EOS 1300D or Canon EOS 750D.

Nagasaki Hub is a super high-tech factory that boasts high-tech automated production lines. Canon’s Nagasaki hub is the global leader in manufacturing stuff with a strong focus on intelligent production systems.

2. Miyazaki Hub

Miyazaki Hub

Miyazaki, a city in Japan, is the manufacturing center of some of Canon’s most powerful cameras. This includes the Digital SLR, mirrorless cameras like Canon EOS R100, camera lenses like EF-S or EF 16, and professional video camcorders like Canon XC15. Miyazaki manufacturing center boasts cutting-edge smart technology that elevates the potential of creative enthusiasts.

The advanced facility of this hub is mind-boggling, making Canon camera production efficient and flexible, capable of adapting to varying production scales and manufacturing large numbers of products whenever required.

Are Canon Cameras Made in China?

Are Canon Cameras Made in China

Canon boasted of a manufacturing company in China till Jan 2022. The manufacturing center was in Zhuhai, southern mainland China, which dealt with the production of Canon cameras for beginners, i.e., Inexpensive ones, lenses, and other equipment. Launched way back in 1990, Zhuhai hub was the main manufacturing center in China. Still, it got shut down due to post-pandemic impact, low compact camera demands, and chip shortages.


Overall, Canon boasts many production or manufacturing centers focusing on making different equipment. However, there are only a few concerning centers for producing Canon cameras. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t enough to fulfill the requirements.

All the hubs boast high-tech technology combined with some of the most creative minds that make camera production quick and easy. These hubs are mainly based in Japan, with Oita, Miyazaki, and Nagasaki as the main centers.

Other production centers include countries like Taiwan and Malaysia, mainly dealing in inexpensive Canon cameras and gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Canon Cameras Manufactured?

The primary manufacturing center where Canon cameras are made is in Japan, with Nagasaki and Miyasaki as the main hub. However, some production subsidiaries are in Taiwan and Malaysia. However, the exact hub may vary depending on the camera model or specific requirements.

Are All Canon Camera Components Made in Japan?

Not really, but the expensive or powerful camera components are made in Japan’s manufacturing centers like Oita, Miyazaki, and Nagasaki. It’s important to note that Canon does have other subsidiaries’ production centers abroad to optimize production efficiency and cost.

Does Canon Camera Quality Vary with Manufacturing Location?

A big ‘NO,’ Canon has maintained strict quality control measures across all the production locations, ensuring consistent quality and performance of their cameras, irrespective of the manufacturing location. Therefore, whether your Canon camera is made in Japan or Malaysia, both will possess the same quality.

How to Know the Canon Camera Manufacturing Location?

To know the Canon camera manufacturing location, refer to the information provided in the user manual, on the camera packaging, or else contact customer support for specific model details. Besides all this, you can refer to the side panel where date codes are stamped.

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