April 13, 2024
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Where to Get Music for Youtube Videos

When searching for music for your YouTube videos, it’s important to be mindful of copyright regulations to avoid takedowns or monetization problems.

There are many ways to discover music that uplifts your content without legal issues.

To start, you can explore many websites on the internet that can make your videos the way you imagined because audio has the power to change and make things work with your support. 

So, if you are a YouTuber or starting your YouTube journey, you can read the blog to know more about where to get music for videos. 

Where to Get Music for YouTube Videos

1. Use the YouTube Audio Library


The YouTube Audio Library has a huge resource with complimentary music and sound effects.

It is accessible through your YouTube Studio during video uploads. This library ensures a seamless mix of audio into your content.

Secondly, the music available within this repository is typically pre-cleared, mitigating concerns of copyright violations.

This important tool empowers creators to enhance their videos with resonating audio while maintaining a secure and legal framework.

And by choosing the best cameras for music videos, you can create top-notch content that will gather millions of views.

2. Royalty-Free Music Websites

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This presents an array of options leading to many needs, including music for YouTube videos.

Some key platforms for royalty-free music are Epidemic Sound, Artlist, AudioJungle, PremiumBeat, and Pond5.

These platforms may lead to subscription fees or one-time payments, but they provide access to top-notch music without copyright complexities.

You can leverage these resources to enable content creators to uplift their videos with professionally crafted audio.

With these options, you can easily go through the world of audio content, assured that your choices align with copyright regulations.

3. Use Creative Commons


Creative Commons-licensed music finds a home on platforms such as SoundCloud, giving creators access to various music choices under diverse licensing arrangements.

It’s essential, however, to delve into the intricacies of each license before incorporating the music into your projects.

Certain licenses may need attribution, ensuring due credit to the original creators.

SoundCloud’s response to Creative Commons-licensed tracks allows you to mix and match your content with different musical atmospheres while respecting the terms established by the creators. 

4. Free Music Archives

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Free Music Archives and similar platforms emerge as valuable resources, providing a curated assortment of music that can be freely utilized across various applications, including YouTube videos.

Platforms like the Free Music Archive give creators diverse track options that can enhance their visual content without invoking copyright concerns.

By exploring these musical options, you can harness great musical compositions, ensuring your videos are enriched by captivating soundscapes that adhere to copyright regulations. 

5. Let’s Get Your Creativity Rolling and Create Your Song


Creating your music can open many artistic opportunities for those with a musical inclination.

If you have musical talents, you craft compositions that uniquely resonate with your content.

You can also collaborate with fellow musicians and offer an opportunity to infuse your videos with soundtracks that align perfectly with your creative vision.

By getting into this realm of originality, you not only ensure a seamless fit between audio and visuals. 

6. Public Domain Music


Public domain music has compositions with copyright limitations, offering a treasure trove of creative possibilities.

These musical pieces, typically originating from bygone eras or after copyright expiry, can be easily integrated into your projects without legal issues.

Given their lack of copyright restrictions, public-domain music enables you to infuse your content with timeless or historical tones that resonate uniquely. 

7. Licensing Music

Licensing Music

Licensing music directly from artists and composers offers a personalized avenue to give exceptional audio for your videos.

Platforms like Bandcamp serve as important marketplaces where artists show their music and extend licensing options for various applications.

By engaging in this approach, you can support independent musicians while obtaining tailored soundtracks that go seamlessly with your creative intentions.

Bandcamp and similar platforms enable a transparent exchange, granting you access to unique compositions that can weave distinctive auditory narratives into your videos while fostering a direct connection between creators and their audiences.

8. YouTube’s Content ID

YouTube's Content ID

If you’re willing to take a risk using copyrighted music, be aware that YouTube’s Content ID system might detect it and place ads on your videos or even block them.

Some artists and labels allow their music to be used on YouTube in exchange for sharing revenue from ads. So, you can use this trick to get music for your videos. 


The realm of music selection for YouTube videos is abundant with the options you have that cater to your creative needs while adhering to copyright regulations.

Whether you choose the YouTube Audio Library, explore royalty-free music websites for premium selections, venture into the world of Creative Commons-licensed music with due attribution, or tap into the reservoir of public domain music for timeless resonance, each of these presents a unique palette of sounds to enrich your content.

Those who are musically inclined can get an option to create their music or collaborate with fellow artists, which provides an avenue of authenticity.

Ultimately, by thoughtfully considering these options, you can elevate your YouTube videos with captivating audio that complements and enhances your creative vision.

If you are into production, pre and post-production required to make a video, then follow our blog and get started. 

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