June 19, 2024
How Does the Autofocus System of The Canon Eos D60 Perform?

How Does the Autofocus System of The Canon Eos D60 Perform?

When in need to focus on a particular object, it is important to consider its movements and the right time to capture them. This is where the need for autofocus comes into the picture. To capture excellent image and video quality, it is important to understand which autofocus mode to use for stationary objects and which to use for moving objects.

Talking about the autofocus feature, the Canon EOS D60 is one of the popular choices. The camera decently justifies its performance with autofocus to capture the best shots without any interruptions or distortions.

Let us take a detailed look at the performance of the autofocus system of the Canon EOS D60.

Autofocus of Canon EOS D60

One of the most appealing advantages of using a Canon autofocus feature is the fact that the autofocus sensor maintains the same quality as the previous models. According to the experts, the autofocus sensor is mostly unchanged from 40D and 50D models, assuring the best quality. However, the autofocus feature in D60 is enhanced with many amazing features to elevate the quality.

Moreover, special care is taken to ensure easy, quick, and convenient use of the autofocus feature. The users can either adjust the manual settings or rely on the automatic adjustments. The autofocus features a 9-point diamond array with 9 cross-type f/5.6 autofocus points to balance its sensitivity for the vertical and horizontal lines.

The camera also features a dual-cross AF sensor positioned diagonally to ensure precise results with an f/2.8 or faster lens. Overall, it can be rightly said that all 9 autofocus points can be easily accessed either manually or automatically, as per convenience.

The Canon EOS D60 is also enabled with the ability to detect the light source, including the colors and pulsing mode. The camera takes all the parameters into account to automatically shift the focus as and when necessary.

Different Autofocus Modes Of The Canon EOS D60

Different Autofocus Modes Of The Canon EOS D60

The Canon EOS D60 comes with different autofocus modes that can be easily selected as per the requirements. The following are the autofocus modes in Canon D60: One Shot, Predictive AI Servo AF, AI Focus AF, and the manual AF mode.

The one concerning issue in the autofocus feature of Canon EOS D60 is that it lacks the customization of the AF lens micro adjustment. It is an important feature as it helps to produce soft and noiseless results with better resolutions. Surely, it is one major disappointment; however, the camera compensates for this with its other prominent features.

When the Canon EOS D60 is used in the View Mode, the users can choose between the 3 autofocus modes available.

  • The first mode is the ‘Live Mode Autofocus,’ which uses contrast detection algorithms to focus on the object without any interruption. However, it is a little slow when working with moving objects because of the delayed focus lock.
  • The second mode is the ‘Face Detection Live Mode,’ which is used to detect and focus on human faces. For more than one face, the multi-controller is used to focus on a different face.
  • The third mode is the ‘Quick Mode AF,’ which uses autofocus with the phase detection autofocus sensor. The autofocus is quickly detected; however, there are some interruptions in the live-streaming recording.

With these modes, the Canon EOS D60 ensures delivering smooth, hassle-free, and consistent autofocus use for every surrounding condition.

Autofocus Performance Parameters

Autofocus Performance Parameters

The Canon EOS D60 relies on its built-in flash to maintain the right light during its use. Thanks to this, the flash is decently bright and works with a longer range without any hassles. Moreover, the camera also ensures a reduction of red-eye to enhance the quality of the recordings.

The Canon EOS D60 autofocus is extremely impressive when working with less contrasting conditions. The autofocus lens automatically adjusts the focus on the subjects, even in low contrasting light, to deliver crisp, clear, and sharp results. Moreover, you can also make manual adjustments while using the autofocus mode to upgrade the quality of the clicks.

The autofocus mode in the Canon EOS D60 also works impressively in low-light conditions. The camera adjusts its settings depending on the lighting source to result in balanced and improved quality of the clicks and video recording.

Precision is one of the most loved attractions of the Canon EOS D60 camera. Even when the camera is used from a large distance, it can deliver significant shots without interruptions. This makes the camera a perfect choice for capturing landscapes, stationary objects, etc.

Last but not least, the autofocus modes instantly make the required adjustments as per the photographic requirements. Depending upon the photographic scene, the autofocus shifts between the modes to deliver excellent quality.

The Accuracy of Autofocus

The Accuracy of Autofocus

Let us admit the fact that the Canon EOS D60 is one of the few DSLR cameras to maintain consistent and uninterrupted accuracy with autofocus. Without any second thoughts, the accuracy of the camera is great, but it might take a few seconds to adjust the focus.

The autofocus is a bit concerning when used for moving objects, as the camera needs time to adjust the autofocus lens. On the other hand, the camera works smoothly and uninterrupted when the autofocus feature is used for stationary and stable objects.

Overall, the camera balances the availability of 9 different autofocus modes for use as and when needed. Additionally, the articulated screen and quick access user-friendly interface elevate the performance of autofocus in the Canon EOS D60 without any complications.

Final Thoughts

Autofocus is one important feature in the Canon EOS D60 that enhances the overall quality of the captures. With the selection of the appropriate autofocus mode, the Canon EOS D60 can deliver amazing and irresistible results.

The overall performance of the autofocus feature is appreciated and recommended by professional experts for its convenience, ease, and user-friendly access.

Make the best of autofocus to let your clicks make a lasting impression. If you still need more information about using the autofocus in the Canon EOS D60, write to us in the comment section.

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