May 23, 2024
How Long Can a Go Pro Hero 9 Record Continuously

How Long Can a Go Pro Hero 9 Record Continuously?

GoPro Hero 9 is great for capturing all the exciting actions in your life. Especially if you are an adventurous soul who loves traveling and extreme sports, it is often a matter of worry about how much you can record on your GoPro or how much time you can continuously record in it.

Unfortunately, It cannot work nonstop for many hours; either its battery will die down first or the storage will run out.

Keep reading to learn how to get the best continuous time out of your GoPro Hero 9.

How Long Can a Go Pro Hero 9 Record Continuously

How Long Can a Go Pro Hero 9 Record Continuously?

In an ideal situation, Go Pro can continuously shoot for up to 90 minutes with fully charged and 128 GB of card in 5k video quality. But it is not the same in all cases; the continuous record time of your GoPro Hero 9 waterproof without a case depends on four things.

1. Battery

The battery decides how long a camera will run. GoPro Hero 9 has a battery with a capacity of 1720 mah. The average battery time of Hero 9 GoPro is 90 minutes. This time may vary according to your usage.

2. SD Card

If the storage capacity runs out, no matter how much battery life is left, your GoPro will not be able to take more videos. You can record an average of 57 minutes of 4k video on a 32 GB card. 7.5 hours is the maximum video time that a 256 GB card can store.

3. Exterior Temperature

Go Pros are made for outdoor shooting, where there is movement, air, and water. If it is constantly placed in one place, it heats up. It gets shut down automatically, sometimes just after 20 minutes of continuous recording, even when there is enough space and battery left.

4. Video Shooting Mode

Large sizes of videos fill up your SD card fast, and make changes in your video settings to make your video occupy less space. When you downgrade your video quality, it will also make your battery last longer.

Ways to Improve GoPro Hero 9 Recording Time

Ways to Improve GoPro Hero 9 Recording Time

1. Fully Charge Your Battery

GoPro batteries lose their charge even when they are not in use, so every time you head out for a shoot with your GoPro, make sure to charge it to 100 percent. If you will be using your GoPro for an extended time, you can also carry extra batteries along. Replace your discharged batteries with charged ones, and then you can use your GoPro for some more time.

2. Larger SD card

A 16 GB card will only give you 30 minutes of record time of a 4K video. So, it is a good investment when you buy a larger SD card of more GBs for when you are planning to take continuous videos for a longer period. Most of the professionals carry extra SD cards and replace them before the first one runs out of storage so they do not lose any footage.

3. Keep It Cool

This camera is made outdoors and is best for adventure sports. Avoid overheating by using it in open, cool air, but on extremely hot summer days, try keeping your camera under shade or prefer taking short clips to let your camera cool off in the break. It may also heat up when kept in a single spot for a long time while shooting indoors.

4. Turn Off Unnecessary Settings

Disable the unnecessary features when not in use; it will only consume more battery. You can turn off your GoPro’s Wifi, GPS, or voice activation when not needed and also further deactivate beeps and indicator lights if you do not find them necessary. These minor changes will really help you save some battery and use GoPro Hero 9 for some more time.

5. Change Video Settings

Consider if you really need 5K footage of everything because it only occupies larger memory card space. If you are recording for your social media like Instagram or Facebook, a 1080 resolution works pretty well. You can turn on Extended Battery Mode on your camera; it will automatically reduce the video quality and give you a longer record time.

6. Keep Your Camera Firmware Updated

Keep the firmware of your GoPro always updated. The minor correction that comes with updates or newly added features will help the camera manage battery power better or maybe let the camera handle heat well.


We can totally understand your disappointment when your GoPro runs out of battery or storage when shooting something important, and that is why continuous recording time holds so much importance. Very limited continuous record time is one of the major disadvantages of not only Hero 9 but all GoPro cameras.

But, With experience, you will learn to manage the running time of your GoPro better, and we hope these tips will help you to extend the recording time of your GoPro Hero 9 to some degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Minutes of 5k Quality Continuous Video Can I Store in a 64 GB Memory Card?

You can store up to 2 hours and 6 minutes of 5k quality video in your 64 GB memory card. Still, you will only continuously shoot for up to 90 minutes in this quality because of the battery life of the camera.

How Will I Know If My Go Pro Hero 9 is Overheated?

The camera will display a message, or it will directly turn off even when enough battery power and memory space is left.

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