April 23, 2024
How to Use Angles Creatively in Edgy Boudoir Photography

How to Use Angles Creatively in Edgy Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is a form of art that captures the beauty, sensuality, and confidence of a person in the most unfiltered way. More people and photographers are exploring the form of boudoir photography to express the raw, intimate, and bold side. Boudoir photography is so much more than just taking pictures; it is about capturing a certain mood and emotion to tell a story.

Edgy boudoir photography is usually done in a very intimate setting. The trust between the model and the photographer plays a very important role in this style of photography, accompanied by the right equipment, the right lighting, and some perfect creative angles.

Let’s understand what boudoir photography is and what types of angles can be used in it.

What is Boudoir Photography?

What is Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is a way to capture the beauty and sensuality of a person. It takes place in a very intimate setting; it can be a professional boudoir studio or a personal bedroom or dressing area. A professional boudoir photographer is hired for the same, who makes the model feel comfortable and confident by creating a relaxed atmosphere. Edgy photography is just the same kind but with a hint of boldness and badassness to it.

Why are Camera Angles Important in Boudoir Photography?

Camera angles play an important role in boudoir photography as they let the photographer capture the subject in different emotions to tell a story and portray a particular feeling. Angles can be set according to how the subject wants to be looked at and what emotion the person is trying to portray. So, as a photographer, you can go creative, follow your instincts, and capture the picture from some unique and creative angles.

Here are some perfect angles for boudoir photography.

1. Eye Level

Eye Level

This is the most common angle used in photography, where the photographer stands straight ahead of the subject and does not tilt the camera. This angle works perfectly for boudoir photography because it can be used for any kind of mood in any setting, giving a more natural and familiar feel to the photo. The photographer can just be there and let the subject romanticize with the camera in a very natural and familiar way. An eye level angle helps you capture every kind of emotion, like confidence, sexiness, shyness, or playfulness. This is the best angle to start your boudoir photography session with.

2. High Angle

 High Angle

A high angle is where the photographer is at a slightly elevated position, and he tilts the camera downward from his eye length. Here, the face becomes the focal point, with the rest of the body following in the background. This angle is best used when a photographer emphasizes facial expressions to portray a particular emotion. The eye of the viewer will land first on the face, and they will follow the rest of the body after. The model can directly stare or not into the lens and show confidence or submissiveness. With this angle, the expressions and the mood matter more than the pose.

3. Birds Eye Angle

Birds Eye Angle

A bird’s eye angle gives an aerial view and is quite popular in boudoir photography. To capture this angle, the photographer is standing at an elevated platform and points the camera completely downwards, like watching the subject from up above. Here, the model can be laid down on a bed or any surface, and the focus is on the complete body rather than a particular part, so the posture plays an important role while capturing from this angle. This angle is quite dramatic and shows the model from a different perspective. The shot is quite unnatural but imaginative; it shows how the subject looks in their personal space.

4. Low Angle

 Low Angle

Low angle is used in boudoir photography to convey a certain mood. The subject is elevated from the camera, and the photographer tilts the camera upward as if looking up at something. The model can be on the bed, standing on the floor, or can be sitting. This angle is used to show the emotion of dominance in boudoir photography. This angle can also be used to focus on a particular feature, like legs. The subject looks taller and closer to give a feel of grandness to the picture. The angle is perfect for edge boudoir photography as the pictures come out very appealing and grip the viewer’s attention.

Tips for An Boudoir Photography Session

  • Use the angles according to the mood, expression, and feel the subject wants to portray.
  • Use neutral colors in the background, like a white bedsheet, beige carpet, or sofa.
  • Build a relationship with the person and make them feel comfortable and empowered to bring out their best self in front of the camera.
  • Use the right lighting to create a mood. A window light and an LED light are perfect for this shoot.
  • Poses play an important role in how the pictures come out and make them look edgy and the story they tell. You can discuss them with the client to ensure they are comfortable with the ideas.
  • Remember that boudoir photography is about creating a sensual mood and capturing it, not about showing skin. So the wardrobe doesn’t matter as much as the feel.


Boudoir photography is all about revealing the bold and unapologetically sensual side of the subject. So, a boudoir photoshoot will require a thoughtful approach to the subject’s body, personality, and mood. The key is to go with the flow and use the angles that fit best at the moment. It will take some time and experience to get the perfect timing and knowledge of an angle; keep practicing to develop an eye for it.

These are the 4 most popular angles used in edge boudoir photography, but you can always get creative and trust your style to get some of the best edgy shots!

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