June 19, 2024
How to Use Conversion Camera Lens Wide Angle for Landscape Photography

How to Use Conversion Camera Lens Wide Angle for Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is considered to be one of the best among various photography styles. Moreover, landscape photography is really a kick, and getting it right is only possible with the right equipment. To capture beautiful mountain ranges, city views, or even a lake, wide-angle photography is required.

If you are a beginner and need all the required information about clicking wide-angle photos with a non-wide-angle action camera, then we have created a guide. We will address questions like what wide-angle photography is, why to choose it, and how to click good wide-angle photos.

Therefore, without wasting any further time, let’s get started.

How to Choose a Wide-Angle Lens for Photography?

How to Choose a Wide-Angle Lens for Photography?

There are various decisions one needs to make while choosing a wide-angle lens for landscape photography. The very first decision one needs to make is whether they want a prime or zoom lens. Both lenses have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Hence, keeping the same in mind, let’s discuss both.

  • Prime Lens: If you are interested in a budget-friendly yet fast aperture, then this one is for you. They are quite compact and come in manageable sizes that work perfectly while hiking. For landscape photography, it will allow you to capture clear and crisp images.
  • Zoom Lens: If you do not have a prime lens, then you must own a zoom lens. They are known for their flexibility and offer you to change positioning. They are quite flexible than prime lenses and work way better for landscape photography.

Why Choose Wide Angles Lens for Landscape Photography?

Why Choose Wide Angles Lens for Landscape Photography?

Wide-angle lenses have a focal length of up to 35mm or less. They are quite popular for landscape photography as they allow the capturer to capture all elements in one frame. When one chooses a landscape photographer, one must know that it has huge vistas and beautiful views around.

Aspects like mountains, waterfalls, and beautiful views are quite similar to each other and are larger subjects. Apart from this, wide-angle lenses have a shallow depth of field than longer focal length lenses. Due to this reason, it is good to capture more objects and bigger subjects in one frame at once.

How to Click Best Landscape Shots with Wide Angle Lens?

How to Click Best Landscape Shots with Wide Angle Lens?

To capture the best landscape shots, there are several things you need to consider first. The best images are taken when one considers all the options and then makes the right choice.

Some of these tips and tricks that can offer you great photos with a non-wide angle action camera are mentioned below:

  • Create a Movement: When you choose your subject landscape, try to create a sense of movement in your shot. You can achieve this by using leading lines and patterns for more image view. For instance, if you have something like an island structure in the background, then the main foreground should be something like a structure.
  • Add Foreground Interest: Usually, people tend to keep the bottom third of their photo empty, but it shouldn’t be like that. One should capture something that can catch the eye before the landscape. It can be anything like a boat, lake, people, or building.
  • Take a Clear Focal Point: Having a clear focal point in your photograph is very much essential. The clear focal point helps you to understand your photograph’s composition.
  • Observe it through the Camera: Whenever you start to work with this lens, make sure to look at the scene through the viewfinder or camera rather than your eyes. This being said, it will allow you to see the picture you will get through the lens. What one sees through the eye differs from what the lens typically shows.
  • Use Small Aperture: A wider aperture gets more light through camera sensors and deepens the depth of field. Hence, make sure to keep your aperture setting between f/8 and f/16, as it will give you the best landscape wide-angle shots.
  • Check Corners: The next thing to consider while shooting images is to check corners. Pay good attention to your two bottom corners because the aim is to have shots that have lines or subjects.


Getting the right landscape photography is not very tough; one needs to get the right camera lens, learn more about its features, and that’s it. It is important when we talk about camera lenses that we know to make full use of them so that the images are better and look crisp and clear.

One should always make sure to learn about factors that can help them get the right image. Be it aperture, lens, focal length, or anything, one should learn about everything as it is.

If you are also interested in clicking good wide-angle landscape photography, then this article will be a lot of help to you.

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