June 19, 2024
How to Plan a Photoshoot with Friends

How to Plan a Photoshoot with Friends

Even with AI taking over (almost) every aspect of human life, photographs won’t ever run the risk of extinction. The only foolproof way to preserve memories forever – photos have stood the test of time since their discovery. Be it time spent with loved ones, random scenery clicks, or even showing what you ate for supper by uploading a picture on WhatsApp and sending it to family groups – we all love capturing moments that are important to us. And what better way to create a designated treasure trove of memories with your friends than planning a photo shoot with them?

Now, before you start searching for poses for friends’ photoshoots, hear us out. There is so much more that you need to decide and coordinate when planning for a photoshoot with your friends than just Googling through poses.

In this article, we will tell you all about the process on how to plan a photoshoot with friends.

Photoshoot with Friends

Photoshoot with Friends

Let us admit, once life gets busy, you never know when will be the next time you get to meet them. Regular meetings and daily life rants turn into long-distance FaceTiming once a week or even once a month, with physically catching up with each other being limited to maybe once a year! And even if you are already in a long-distance friendship, getting a photoshoot done with your friends the next time you meet up could be a great way to connect with them!

That way, not only will you be able to cherish and relive your golden days with each other any time that you want, but you also have custom gifts handy for their upcoming birthday or any other joyous occasion.

Planning a Photoshoot with Friends

Planning a Photoshoot with Friends

Planning a photoshoot with friends is not as easy as planning a hangout with them. Especially if you hire a professional for the same (and we recommend that you do, because you won’t do one every day, right?), it won’t be as casual as waiting for them at your favorite cafe or bar. Now, before you start panicking and pull out a Monica, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to planning a photoshoot with your besties:

Step 1: Ideate


Tickle your creative cells to visualize your dream photo shoot with your pals. This is most important because you should know first what you are expecting out of it. Whether you want to recreate an old memory or create new ones with new friend photoshoot ideas, discuss it with your friends.

You could even recreate an iconic scene from a famous series or movie that revolves around a group of friends. Once you have decided for yourself, discuss it with your photographer to create a concrete plan.

Step 2: Decide on The Location

Decide on The Location

Location scouting could probably be the easiest or the most difficult part of planning for a friend’s photo shoot. Why? Well, if you have a clear mental picture of what you want your pictures to look like, you will know exactly what type of location would suit the idea. For example, if you want to relive your college days through your photoshoot, you could shoot on your college premises or the nearest club where you would hang out every day.

If you are, however, going for a neutral theme, you can choose outdoor locations like theme parks, famous streets, or public photo booths. Shooting indoors is a good idea, too, provided the lighting is good enough.

Step 3: Decide on The Right Timing


Of course, you can do your photo shoot at any convenient hour. However, choosing the right timing is essential because it will reflect the quality of your pictures, especially if you are shooting outdoors. You could do it early in the morning – you will get to work with natural light, and the streets are less crowded.

If you decide on the evening time, you could experiment with different artificial light shades and use the crowded backdrop to your favor. If you want a photoshoot involving only two people (you and your BFF), either timing would be perfect!

Step 4: Themes, Poses, and Props

Themes, Poses, and Props

If you opt for a themed photoshoot, decide your clothing and props accordingly. Even if you are not doing a “themed” photoshoot as such, make sure to coordinate your outfits and do a test trial with your photographer at least a day before the actual shoot. Mismatched outfits may mar the entire picture, hence, the photoshoot as a whole! You could do casual poses, trendy poses, or even candids that will bring out the essence of your friendship.

Communicate with your photographer well in advance regarding the props, and make sure to confirm if they will bring them along or if you will have to carry them along.

Step 5: Say Cheese

Say Cheese

Now that you’re on the same page with other participants of the photo shoot and your photographer, what are you waiting for? Get clicked! Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Relax yourself and see your pictures turn out amazing! Do not hesitate to show off that beautiful smile that you own.

We know you’re comfortable with your friends, and that is the reason they are your FRIENDS! Show that comfort in the pictures – smile and cherish them. Consider it as a hangout, and we bet you’ll come out with photographs that you’ll be proud to flaunt and will act as solace when you miss your buddies.


Planning a photoshoot could either be a difficult task or a moderately easy task, depending upon your level of connection and management skills. And you don’t need to wait for special occasions like weddings, baby showers, or anything else for a photoshoot – go ahead with it whenever you want to.

Your main motto should be to have fun while you spend a day with your friends, and we guarantee a truly memorable experience all of you will be thankful for and share with your spouses, kids, and grandkids as a happy core memory.

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