June 19, 2024
Why Do We Look Better In Mirrors Than Photographs

7 Reasons Why Mirrors Make Us Look Better than Photographs

Have you ever thought about why I look better in the mirror than in a photograph? Is it true, or is it just a perception of your mind? Which is better depends completely on your perception, but generally, people find the one with the mirror is a better one.

You see yourself multiple times in a mirror daily, and the image you see is a reversed image, and on the other hand, photographs are seen very often, which forces our brain to think that we look much better in the mirror.

There is a science and psychology behind this, so let’s hunt for the answer directly without making it very confusing. Well, the question of why I look better in the mirror is quite common, and generally, several people come across this thought. But we have got your back with our logical reasons regarding this question.

Keep reading to know everything in detail.

Reasons Justifying ‘Why Do I Look Better in The Mirror than Photographs’

Reasons Justifying ‘Why Do I Look Better in The Mirror than Photographs'

It is very clear from the above discussion that we look different in mirrors and photographs, so let’s get to the science and psychology behind it. However, you should keep in mind that you are attractive no matter what medium you choose to look for. Also, the mirror boosts your confidence because it reflects your beauty through your perception of how you see yourself. However, we have mentioned some points to look at for you so that you get your answer to the question Why do I look better in the mirror than in photographs.

1 . Mirror Shows a Reversed Image

Reasons Justifying ‘Why Do I Look Better in The Mirror than Photographs.

The image that we see in a mirror is a reversed image of what we actually are. The right eye goes to the left, and the left eye goes to the right in the mirror image. We are so habitual of this image as we see it while brushing, washing our face, doing makeup, taking a haircut, and multiple times a day, so we feel that a mirror image is the most accurate reflection of our face.

2. Role of Light

Role of Light

All places we see our faces in the mirror do not have the same lighting. However, lightning plays an important role in both mirror images and a photograph, so the angle at which the light falls on our faces is the key fact that the lightning in our bathrooms is fixed and as per our requirement. That is why we feel that I look better in the mirror.

3 . We Get a 3D Look in The Mirror

We Get a 3D Look in The Mirror

Photos, including selfies, are 2D, whereas mirror images are 3D, which shows the complete features and also enhances the features. We are habitual of regularly seeing ourselves in 3D in the mirror, which also sets an image in our mind. So this can also be an accurate answer to the question, ‘Why do I look better in the mirror?’

4 . We Stand Close to The Mirror

We Stand Close to The Mirror

When we look into the mirror, we are standing very close to the mirror, about a foot away, and photos are not taken so closely. So when we see ourselves in the mirror than in photographs, it gives a different perception of ourselves. And the image also changes when we move back and forth in front of the mirror. Some people like close-ups, while others prefer being a bit away from the mirror. So it’s all people’s perception.

5 . Camera Lenses

Camera Lenses

The lenses that we use while taking photos and videos can be the reason for the question: why do I look better in the mirror than in photographs. as the lenses are of various types depending upon the type of shoot we perform. For example, the wide-angle lens used for taking landscape photos with you standing in the picture will show different attributes of your face than the one used for closeups.

6 . We Look in The Mirror Very Harmonious

We Look in The Mirror Very Harmonious

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we look more relaxed as we are in our comfort zones as compared to the way when we are in the outer world. This might sound reasonable that in a place where we are more comfortable, our facial features are often seen as enhanced, and when we walk around in places where we are less comfortable, our facial features get creased. That is why mirrors in our homes make us look better as we look at them with harmony and peace of mind. This is a good reason why I look better in the mirror.

7. Your Smile Could Cause A Problem

Your Smile Could Cause A Problem .jpg

If you see yourself in photos and then in the mirror and think why do I look better in the mirror then there can be one more reason for this. This can be because your smile might not be pleasing, or you might be an awkward poser. If you see your photos in the document, you hardly find your photos appealing. And when you see yourself in the mirror, you are more calm and confident. Thus, you act very naturally. When you tense up and make yourself uncomfortable while someone is taking photos, that’s when you do not look good in photographs. Next, when someone is clicking pictures of you then, try to be more relaxed, and you will see the difference. Further, you will stop asking questions like why I look better in the mirror and not in photographs.

The Mirror Reflects Certain Parts of Our Appearance in Detail

The Mirror Reflects Certain Parts of Our Appearance in Detail

This is quite an interesting fact that we all know but do not acknowledge. While you look in the mirror and think, why do I look better in the mirror? Then you forget to observe that your complete concentration is on the tiny details of all your features. Every time we look at our face, we tend to focus on different parts of our face, for example, our nose, eyes, lips, etc. However, we do not look at ourselves as a whole. On the contrary, in images, we build a perception about ourselves as we look at ourselves at once. This includes our postures and facial expression and the overall look. Also, in front of the mirror, you can change postures and looks spontaneously, but in front of the camera, you are captured at once and remain like that.

Why Does My Face Look a Bit Fatter in Pictures?

Why Does My Face Look a Bit Fatter in Pictures

You have come across the thought that you look different in pictures than in real life. Also, you have a feeling that you do not look nice, so you must not think in that way as there is a so-called “mere exposure effect.” This effect explains that we tend to prefer things that we have built as a habit or are accustomed to.

However, there are so many people who are more used to seeing themselves in the mirror-like 20 times a day, than clicking a single picture. In that way, they assume to be more comfortable in front of the mirror than in front of the camera. There can be some sought of scientific reasons that justify the question of why I look better in the mirror than in photographs, but there is some physiological reason for this belief as well.

There must be times when your friends say that you look in pictures that is because they are comparing you to other pictures and not seeing you in front of the mirror.

A Point to Remember

Clicking pictures can be a hard task for you if you are camera conscious and cannot be your natural self in front of the camera. However, you just need to think that to click a good picture. You just need a combination of good light, the right angle, and relaxation while posing. It is quite similar to how you look in front of the mirror. Also, sometimes you use extra light, such as a flashlight. However, it does not enhance your beauty; instead, it highlights everything that you don’t find attractive on your face. All you need to do is you should stick to the natural lighting to click beautiful pictures. Once you do all these things, you will stop asking why I look better in the mirror and not in photographs.


Mirrors are the medium to take a glance at how you look through reflection. Moreover, in the mirror, you can focus on every tiny detail, but in photographs, we look at ourselves in one glance. However, lighting also plays a crucial role, and some cameras can record everything in detail. Also, there are some camera-conscious people who feel uncomfortable and awkward in front of the camera.

On the other hand, there are also some people who take a lot of photographs or selfies that they end up feeling a lot more comfortable in their own skin because they continuously see themselves. However, we have given you some logical reasons for the query that you have in mind. And next time when you click pictures or you have a question in mind, why do I look better in the mirror and not in photographs, then just relax.

Take a chill pill and smile confidently. You will look fabulous in the pictures.

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