June 15, 2024

The Mirrorless Full Frame Nikon Z6 Camera Review

We know how important a camera is to capture memories. However, there are many options in the present market where one can choose a camera from various options. Nikon has launched one such camera, and it is Nikon Z6. It has all the new and exciting features that customers will enjoy. It is the second full-frame mirrorless camera that comes with a flip screen as well as a touchscreen.

In the year 2018, Nikon launched its Z series camera. They have released nine cameras in this series, including Z7 and Z6. This blog is all about Z6, which is excellent and has many unique features.

For starters, Nikon Z6 has an autofocus system. We all know that Nikon cameras have no autofocus system except D850. So it makes sense to discuss more:

Nikon Z6: An Overview

Nikon Z6: An Overview

The camera comes in black and has sturdy build quality. Making it smaller compared to D750 makes it more convenient to carry and has an excellent grip. Moreover, it has a balanced weight as it comes with a NIKKOR Z lens with different focal lengths like an f/1.8 lens and f/2.8, an F-Mount NIKKOR lens, and FTZ. The button positions are just similar to Nikon D850.

Speaking more about its body, the body of Z6 is made with magnesium alloy, which makes it a bit heavy but also gives durability at the same time. Most cameras are made with raw materials and alloys, lacking the necessary durability.

Nikon Z6 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Body
  • Large, full frame Z mount for Revolutionary optical performance
  • Nikon-designed 24. 5MP backside illuminated image sensor
  • 273-Point on-sensor Phase detect AF system
  • Up to 12 fps; 4K Ultra-HD video; 6K time-lapse; 1080P/120Fps slow motion

Specifications: What Makes Z6 the Best Out of Other Nikon Cameras?

The USP of Nikon Z6 is the 273 Hybrid Autofocus system. This Autofocus system consists of 273 Point On-Sensor PDAF, which covers 90% frame horizontally and vertically. It also has a new hybrid autofocus technology and subject tracking, making it different. This camera can track the subject very quickly. However, the speed of focus is a little laggy, as it takes some seconds to detect the issue. In addition, it sports eye detection and animal detection auto-focus technology.

Another exciting thing about this camera is that you will get a digitized menu in the Viewfinder. But, again, this is something new that the users have to rely on. Mostly, other cameras don’t have this feature, but Nikon has introduced this new and exciting feature in this camera.

Let’s now move forward and discuss the specifications of the Nikon Z6 in detail.

1. Its ISO and Low Lighting Performance

You will have a fantastic experience when you click photos in low light. And with the best ISO, you will get the desired pictures & videos. Its display and Viewfinder differ from others as it has a 3.6m Dot Quad VGA viewfinder, giving a 100% field view with a magnification of 0.8x. In this camera, the ISO is 51,200, but you can quickly expand it up to 204,800.

Its ISO and Low Lighting Performance

2. Ports and Interfaces of Nikon Z6

This camera comes with USB type-C port, which slightly differs from other cameras. This will save the user time transferring files from the camera, as type C will increase the speed. Also, unlike other cameras, it has an HDMI port. Also, the user can connect directly with the camera on some PCs and laptops like Mac Book. You will also find the type-C port in the Z7 camera.

Ports and Interfaces of Nikon Z6

3. Memory, Audio, and Video of the Nikon Z6

It has got XQD Compatible Memory Cards with only one memory slot. Like other cameras, the voice recording is present in the audio part. The quality that it records voice is phenomenal. The video part has a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It supports 4K Ultra HD, which people nowadays want. The capture speed’s key is 1920 x 1080 with 120fps. Its video recording time is 85 min.

Here is a video to showcase the basic video settings of your Nikon Z6:

4. Operational Conditions and Autofocus

Most people don’t care about the operational conditions, like what the ideal temperature at the camera is or will be operable. Let me clarify to the users that you can operate this camera between 0 to 40 degree Celsius> with a humidity limit of 85%. Beyond that, it may not perform well and can cause chemical reactions that harm humans. So do not carry the camera in weather or temperature conditions that don’t comply with the abovementioned details. As mentioned above about autofocus, the autofocus selection is manual and automatic. In addition, the focus adjustment here is also available both manually and automatically.

Operational Conditions and Autofocus

5. Exceptional Battery Life

Another essential feature is present in this camera. Well, this feature is called EVF battery saving. While turning on this feature, it will turn off the LCD and EVF to save the battery. While this feature is turned on, you can still view the photos on the LCD. The battery of this camera is Lithium Ion which is itself very good when it comes to battery backup, and its battery has 310 slots. Moreover, this camera can charge a battery inside the camera itself. So put, when the battery is inside the camera, you can trust that particular battery.

Exceptional Battery Life

6. Connectivity

Now, we all know that most cameras, or should we say that all the cameras have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity which makes the user to transfer their photos and videos to laptops, PCs, and smartphones. It has Wi-Fi bands, namely 802.11a, 802.11g, and others. Here you will get 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity, indicating a decent speed for transferring files. Apart from network and connectivity, this camera has a very different feature of silent shooting, where you can capture the moments silently without any noise. Sounds interesting right? Also, it has a remote shooting feature that allows the user to control the camera using a smartphone.

Connectivity .jpg

Every device has a set of pros and cons. Nikon Z6 has its set of pros and cons. Let’s check them one by one.


Sensor: Apart from other cameras, this camera has got a sound sensor. Nikon Z6 has a 24.5 BSI sensor, which is very powerful. We all know that every photographer who wants to click pictures in the low light will ensure the sensors work properly. So remember that particular point Nikon has built is very good and powerful.

Dynamic Range: Nikon Z6 has got a decent dynamic range in its base ISO. So now, one question will arise: How many stops will the dynamic range give in Nikon Z6? Then let me tell you the camera will be 14 while in lowest ISO. But it can also give you ten stops at ISO 6400.

User Interface: When interacting with new devices, a user-friendly interface is the most important thing for a user. The more user-friendly interface, the easier it will be for the user to get used to it. This device has got a touchscreen facility which is easier to use. With just a single touch, the user will be able to check all the details and also will be able to make changes.


The Focusing Performance: As discussed earlier, the focus speed is lovely, but the performance is not up to the mark because the focus quality is here when you focus on something. Nikon needs to address this as it is such a good camera, and its strength is the focus, so stress performance needs to be improved.

Ergonomics: Though the camera is very light weighted, and the design is perfect when you use big and wide lenses, the camera will become too heavy, making the user uncomfortable. There is no doubt about its durability and body design as they are good, but if something causes a problem, this will be. No customer will entertain the uncomfortable part. So the ergonomics could have been better.

The problem with the Viewfinder: As I mentioned above, the Viewfinder has a digital menu and something new and eye-catching, but the Viewfinder has a problem. The problem here is the lag in the Viewfinder. Let’s say, for example, you set your fps below six and want to click any moving object; this problem arises. You won’t get the desired result while clicking in the low fps as the Viewfinder will lag. This also needs To this addressed.

Besides these drawbacks, there are more single card slots; the AF touchpad function is not available, the picture’s color can come warm, the balance of white light and other lighting can be troublesome, and no controls in the battery grip.

Nikon Z6: Price

Coupled with the latest technology, it must make you wonder about the price of this camera. Let me tell you that many times when we purchase something good with such excellent facilities then, we commonly compromise with the price. But in this case, the price seems highly justified concerning the specifications offered. So for the photographers and videographers, buying one will be very much reasonable. We all know how costly a camera can be, but this camera’s price has left me stunned.

Let me not cause more suspense; the camera’s price range is between Rs 1.28L to Rs 1.7L. You will quickly get the complete product (Body + Lens) on Amazon.com, But if you want to buy only the body at a reasonable price, you can purchase it from its official website at Rs 1.36L. You can also buy this product on EMI. You can purchase from Amazon as it has got some excellent offers. For customers residing in the USA, you can see this product on Amazon.com worth $1,600.

Nikon Z6 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Body
  • Large, full frame Z mount for Revolutionary optical performance
  • Nikon-designed 24. 5MP backside illuminated image sensor
  • 273-Point on-sensor Phase detect AF system
  • Up to 12 fps; 4K Ultra-HD video; 6K time-lapse; 1080P/120Fps slow motion

Nikon Z6: Final Thoughts

All in all, we have seen that this camera has some drawbacks, but despite that, numerous advantages will gain the customers’ interest and make them customers grab this product. Despite the price, the camera is perfect for photographers and customers. If I had to give a rating, I would give it 4 out of 5, which proves the camera’s efficacy. Its autofocus and touchscreen facility are what other customers liked the most. The focus speed is one of its strong points. We have seen its eye detection and subject detection speed, and they are swift, which pushes this camera into another league when compared to others.

However, some things need to be addressed, like focus performance, the warmth of the photo quality, and ergonomics. In addition, it would be best to consider the body’s weight, as it becomes heavy when mounted to a lens. In short, Nikon needs to bring more user comfort and friendly cameras. Finally, they also need to think of the Viewfinder lagging problem. In this area particularly, I feel they should improve more as customers want to click decent pictures at low fps.

Besides that, we feel that after using it for the first time, you will get an excellent hands-on experience, owing to its cutting-edge autofocus and eye detection features.

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