May 23, 2024
What Accessories Are Recommended for Instant Cameras

What Accessories Are Recommended for Instant Cameras?

Instant cameras provide instantly gratifying photography. You point, shoot, and moments later, hold a physical print in your hand to share or display. Today’s instant cameras like Fujifilm Instax and Polaroid Snap models retain the retro charm of older Polaroids while adding modern technology for high quality.

While instant cameras are designed to be simple and user-friendly right out of the box, certain accessories can greatly elevate your experience. The right add-ons allow you to get more creative, protect your gear, display your photos, and customize your camera to your style.

This article looks at must-have accessories to take your instant camera to the next level. We’ll cover options to enhance any model, whether storage, lenses, filters, batteries or just amping up the fun.

Read on for ways to upgrade your instant camera with clever accessories that protect, personalize, and improve your shots.

With these add-ons, you’ll get much more out of your instant camera.

Accessories Are Recommended for Instant Camera

Camera Cases

Camera Cases

A quality camera case is essential for protecting your best instant camera. The durable outer shell guards against bumps, falls, and scratches. Meanwhile, the padded interior keeps your camera safe from jostling. Cases come in various styles, from practical hard cases to trendy bags. Some popular options include:

  • Fujifilm Instax Camera Case: Form-fitting case designed specifically for Fujifilm Instax cameras. Features a wrist strap and pockets for film packs and photos.
  • USA Gear Camera Case: Universal hardshell case with dense padding and weather-resistant nylon exterior. Customizable interior padding allows it to fit various camera models.
  • Kate Spade Polka Dot Camera Bag: This cute and stylish nylon camera bag has an adjustable strap. The small polka dot pattern adds flair. Pockets for camera, film, and other essentials.

Lenses & Filters

Lenses & Filters

Add lenses and filters to get creative with your instant camera photography. Telephoto and fisheye lenses allow you to shoot different perspectives. Close-up lenses are ideal for detailed macro shots. Colored filters, like the Impossible Project Color Flash, alter the hues and mood of your photos. Other filters create cool effects like light leaks.

  • Lomo Fisheye Lens: Attaches to your instant camera lens for a 170-degree fisheye effect. Captures an ultra-wide field of view.
  • Impossible Project Close-Up Lens: This lets you focus as close as 10-15 cm to your subject. Great for portraits and macro photography.
  • Impossible Project Color Flash: Tintype-style filters in 8 colors to add a splash of color to your black-and-white or color photos.

Photo Albums & Displays

Photo Albums & Displays

Show off your instant photo artistry with a stylish album or display. Keep a collection of your favorite snaps or rotate out images in a mini photo wall. Some creative ways to exhibit instant photos include:

Get Silly with Fun Photo Accessories

Get Silly with Fun Photo Accessories

Don’t just take ordinary shots – accessorize your instant camera with props and add-ons that bring out your quirky, funny side. Silly and whimsical photo accessories make for amusing snaps you can really have fun with. Fun frames let you customize your portraits on the spot. Pick from cute stick-on shapes like stars, hearts, lips, and animals. Frames with exaggerated edges or features are especially hilarious for close-up portraits.

Costume pieces like masks, wigs, and glasses transform you or your friends into different characters. Dress up with themed disguises and accessories for an impromptu photo booth session. Capture all the personality and silliness. For group shots, hand out an assortment of props like bold sunglasses, hats, boas, signs, and noisemakers.

Get everyone in on the action for eclectic and playful images. Vibrant cubes, balloons, and other little objects also add pops of color or whimsy as photo props.

With all the fun photo accessories available, you can really let loose and make the most of your instant camera. Accessorize each shot for quirky and imaginative photos you’ll want to show off.

  • Photo Sticker Frames: Cute frames to stick around your face or hold in the photo for funny portraits. Shapes like stars, lips, and more.
  • Lomo Masks: rubber masks of animals and monsters to wear in your instant photos for whimsical and wacky shots.
  • Color Trip Cubes: Mini plastic cubes in vibrant colors to use as props. Stack or balance them in creative ways.



Don’t let dead batteries ruin your photo fun. Pick up a charger and extra batteries so you’re always ready to shoot. Rechargeable batteries are a cost-effective option for frequent snappers. Having spares ensures you won’t miss candid moments swapping out batteries. Some top options include:

Disposable Extras: While rechargeable batteries make the most financial sense long-term, keep a spare pack of name-brand disposables too. That way, you have backup power if your rechargeables die at an inconvenient moment. Check your camera model for the right disposable type.

External Chargers: Some instant camera models can use external battery packs for charging on the go. These portable chargers, like Anker power banks, often revive phones and devices too. They allow unlimited off-the-grid shooting when outlets aren’t available.


Instant cameras provide a fun, hands-on way to capture memories and share photos immediately. While instant cameras are simple, the right accessories greatly improve your experience and expand your creativity. Protective cases allow you to take your camera anywhere while protecting it from damage.

Specialty lenses like fisheye and macro give you new perspectives. Display items like mini albums and string lights exhibit your shots with flair. Fun add-ons like novelty frames and props bring out your quirky side. And backup batteries ensure you never miss a moment. With the array of accessories available, you can upgrade your instant camera to suit your needs and style.

The options covered here enhance protection, storage, lenses, filters, displays, effects, and more. Pick a few that appeal to you, and watch your instant camera shooting experience go above and beyond.

Accessories unlock the full potential of instant photography for all skill levels.

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