June 19, 2024
What Are Some Popular Themes for Outdoor Senior Photos?

What Are Some Popular Themes for Outdoor Senior Photos?

The captivating feeling of stepping into adulthood, and what better way to mark the beginning of this wonderful journey than to get your senior photoshoot done? But you do wish to make your pictures one-of-a-kind, right?

Look no further because we got you covered with some crazy outdoor senior picture ideas that will make your senior picture turn heads left, right, and center! Across the states, we’ve seen senior pictures getting more and more captivating, with people pouring in their creativity like anything, so how about we take a look beyond the studio lights and let Mother Nature’s unique backdrop make our pictures grab the limelight?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at different outdoor theme ideas for your perfect senior photograph, and we’ll talk about the backdrop, the pose, and the whole shebang!

So grab your photographer buddy, head out, and let’s get clicked in style!

The Flora and Fauna

The Flora and Fauna

The first set-up on our list is the natural landscape; it has to be, right? The perfect setting, the brilliant lighting, all 127,000 lumens of it at your disposal.

The best part about shooting in a natural setting is the preset backdrops; you must pick the one you like best. It can be a field of dandelions, the hills, the forest, etc. All of these have their aesthetics to explore; pick the one you like best and let your photographer buddy set the angles and instruct on the lighting.

A good example would be to get clicked in a field of sunflowers and wear something white with hints of yellow; yellow polka-dot is fine, but try to be more creative. A good pose would be of you facing the field but looking back at the camera with the sun behind the cameraman, basically sun-kissed, wearing some light-shade sunglasses, or better yet, bringing a straw hat into the equation, and you have yourself the portrait for a lifetime!

Some theme suggestions under this will include:

  • A field of flowers
  • By the beach
  • Gardenscape
  • A grassy park

The Concrete Jungle

The Concrete Jungle

You already have the lumens on your side; let’s switch things up a bit; let’s go man-made! Firstly, because it’s in the trends today and, more importantly, the architecture provides for one of the best settings there is. Still, the biggest reason is the versatility of a downtown district; this makes it the perfect backdrop for a lot of different poses and costumes you can wear cause even if it has more than two or three colors, it’s going to give the impression of the subject (i.e. You) popping out!

We recommend you start this journey with ample time at hand, look around the city, be open to experiments with different buildings and different times of the day for various sunlight effects, and also be sure to instruct your photographer to work their way through the various angles.

Some popular locations in this regard could be the outside of a theme-based cafe, the city park, the hustling, bustling traffic, or the top of a skyscraper overlooking the horizon with enough city light in the background to try a bokeh effect.

Another popular location in the city could be a shot on or overlooking a bridge (if your city has one); this type of shot elevates the portrait onto a whole different level. Also, since it’s inside the city, try to play around a little with the golden hour as well.

Themes for this type of setting would be:

  • The downtown.
  • Corporate park
  • Traffic Lights
  • A park bench
  • Skyscrapers

Person, Persona, and Personalising the Shot

Person, Persona, and Personalising the Shot

Let’s focus on what makes you, you. This idea of self, the person you are, and what you’re about to become can be captured in a picture as an idea of contrast between your current self and your adulthood. Too complex?

Let’s break it down: your hobbies, interests, and motivations. When you try to picture objects or landscapes, the results would make for the perfect background for your senior year photo.

For example, a picture of you in your football jersey, playing or holding the football, smiling at the camera, or standing on the football field would be the perfect idea of a picture to look back on after spending some considerable number of years as an adult. For this setting, themes could be:

  • With the family
  • Local stadium or sports arena
  • Swimming pool
  • In and around the school campus


So when it comes to getting a unique and different senior picture clicked, the outdoor does prove to be quite productive and versatile in so many ways; the forest, the beach, the hills, the cityscapes, the traffic, it just has so much to offer, and all we need is some professional eyes to scout the perfect backdrop to get clicked.

As far as clothes and accessories are concerned, the general rule to follow would be to wear in contrast to your environment, as that’ll make you pop out! Also, accessorize a bit to add some personal appeal. Your chosen theme will reflect your personality and the overall ‘You’ in the form of a picture; hence, we advise trying out several and then picking a favorite.

And remember, it’s not homework, so enjoy the process, have fun, and don’t forget to smile for the camera!

Happy clicking!

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore, a graduate of UCLA Film School, has been an integral part of our team since 2019, infusing his cinematic expertise into the world of action cameras. With a career spanning over 15 years in film and media production, his insights have been pivotal in enhancing the functionality and quality of action camera technology. Benjamin, a passionate marathon runner, often combines his love for endurance sports with his passion for capturing life's dynamic moments through action cameras.

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