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What is the Difference in Weight and Size Between the Canon T7 and T7i

What is the Difference in Weight and Size Between the Canon T7 and T7i?

Are you a beginner in photography? Or do you want to develop a new passion and explore your creative side with photography? Whichever is the case, we are here to help you propel with this ultimate guide to the Canon t7 and t7i.

The Canon t7 and t7i are two of the best affordable entry-level cameras. Similar to how an artist needs a set of brushes to bring any portrait to life, a photographer needs the best camera to capture a story.

However, the size and weight of any camera model are essential factors as they contribute to effortless handling while shooting. In this article, we will take a look into the weight and compactness comparison between the Canon t7 and the t7i.

Canon T7 vs T7i Camera Overview

Before we delve into a size and weight comparison, here is a quick and clear overview of the various features of the Canon t7 and t7i.

Canon T7 vs T7i Camera Overview

Canon t7 Canon t7i
Price Factor $399.00 $799.00
Launch Date 26 February 2018 15 February 2017
Sensor 24 APS-C CMOS 24 APS-C CMOS
Lens Type EF/EF-S Mount EF/EF-S Mount
LCD screen 3 3
Viewfinder OVF OVF
Viewfinder Resolution 920k 1.040K
Shooting Speed 3.0 fps 6.0 fps
Video Resolution 1920×1080 1920×1080
Low Light ISO 12,800 51,200
Wireless Connectivity Yes Yes
Battery 500 Shots 600 Shots
Built-in Flash Yes Yes
Weight 475g 532g

T7 vs. T7i: Camera Weight and Size Comparison

Now that we are ahead of the specification overview of the Canon t7 vs. t7i, it is time to delve into the detailed comparison. It will help you understand the weight and size differences of these DSLRs.

1. Comparison Between Body Weight

 Comparison Between Body Weight

The body and build-up of a camera play a crucial role, as a photographer needs to carry it all day long. Both Canon t7 and t7i have a small body, which makes them beginner-friendly DSLR options. The t7 measures 129x101x78mm and weighs 475g. The fact also means the body weight of the T7 is 1.05 lb., or 16.76 oz., including the camera batteries.

On the other hand, the t7i has an external dimension of 131x100x76mm and weighs 532g. Therefore, it weighs 1.17 lb., or 18.77 oz., including the batteries. An overall body weight difference of 57 grams makes t7 win the heaviness battle of t7 vs. t7i.

However, that is not all! Another crucial factor that alters the body weight of these Canon DSLRs is the interchangeable lenses. Varying the size and weight of the lenses heightens or reduces the overall weight of both t7 and t7i.

Fortunately, the APS-C-sized sensors and Canon EF/EF-S lens mount are identical on the Canon T7 and Canon T7i. Thus, the system’s total size is not affected by the lenses.

2. Comparison Between the Camera Size

Comparison Between the Camera Size

Considering the t7i camera model has an external dimension of 131x100x76mm and the t7 has 129x101x78mm, the size differences between these Canon cameras remain minimal. The Canon t7 DSLR camera is one mm taller (101mm) than the t7i. It is also 2mm thinner, measuring 129mm in length compared to the 131mm length of the t7i. However, the Canon T7 is again 2mm wider than its predecessor model.

These features might not make a significant difference when considering the camera features. However, the size matters while carrying these tools around all day for a professional shoot. The compactness and easy handling of the body will make any camera a winner while a professional is at their best.

3. Canon t7 vs. t7 LCD Screen Size Comparison

Canon t7 vs. t7 LCD Screen Size Comparison

Moving forward with the t7 vs. t7i, it is time for an LCD screen size comparison. Both the Canon T7 and T7i have the same size regarding the LCD. It measures 3 inches on these DSLRs. However, the t7i takes the lead with its fully articulated touchscreen. This rotatable feature makes it easy for shooters to consider above-head and waist-level shots without any difficulty.

Even though the size of the Canon t7 LCD screen is the same as the t7i, it is not flexible. The absence of screen flexibility and touch screen limits professionals from using the tool to its fullest creative potential.

The t7i also has better feature assistant software to simplify shooting modes for a novice.

Final Thoughts

The t7 and the t7i have only a year gap in their release dates. The fact makes it clear that there is not much difference in the photographic excellence of both Canon cameras. However, the subtle tech upgrade and compactness in the Canon t7i make the model the ultimate winner in the t7 vs. t7i battle.

The t7, however, does not lag much further. Pick the T7 model if you are scaling through a budget crunch, prefer a lightweight Canon camera, and you can compromise on a few advanced features.

On the contrary, if we focus on the similarities between both models, you can click quality photographs on the t7 similar to the t7i. Comment down and let us know which Canon camera you liked most.

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