July 12, 2024
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Where Can I Buy the Canon 100D?

Are you thinking of purchasing a DSLR camera with all the latest features that are budget-friendly? Check out this Canon 100D camera and places where you can buy it. Although you can shoot photos and videos on smartphones, you can never rival the quality that a camera delivers. Cameras have evolved in technology and made it easier to shoot photos and videos for even novices. The two broad categories of cameras include DSLR and mirrorless.

The DSLRs are well-known for working even in low light conditions and mounting third-party lenses. Canon has been one of the top camera brands for several years, launching new and smart features for all sorts of photography: wildlife, sports, events, etc. The Canon 100D was launched in 2013 and is still in trend because of its sleek features. Although it is a DSLR, this camera is small in size and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry everywhere.

Here is a compilation of unique features of the Canon 100D and places where you can buy it.

Why Should You Buy the Canon 100 D?

Why Should You Buy the Canon 100 D?

This DSLR is also referred to as Canon SL1 and Canon Rebel 100D. Canon usually denotes its DSLR with EOS, which stands for Electro-optical system. This feature is known for auto-focus qualities in the camera. All digital cameras of Canon have a ‘D’ after a number. The higher the number in front of D, the more advanced the camera is.

For example, the EOS 600D is perfect for beginners, whereas the EOS 5D is the most advanced Canon camera. Here are a few features of the Canon 100D that will make you still enjoy this DSLR.

1. Compact Size

Even though it is a DSLR, the Canon 100D is marked as the world’s smallest and lightest camera that can be carried even in a bag or a jacket’s pocket. Although the size has been reduced, they have not compromised the grip. These grips help you balance the weight of different lenses that are mounted on the camera. This camera weighs only 400 grams, which makes it easy to carry everywhere.

Apart from this, the features and controls are similar to the Canon 700D. So those who are well-versed with 700D can easily use the 100D too.

2. Mount

The Canon 100D has an APS-C sensor, which stands for Advanced Photo System-C, and is widely used in digital cameras nowadays. They are also known as crop sensors, which help increase the reach of your lens. As the camera sensor size changes, your field of view also changes. APS-C is the crop factor of a full frame. This can be explained with an example. If you have a lens of 50mm and are shooting with a full-frame camera, you get a broader view. On the other hand, a crop sensor crop factor is applied.

This means you’ll get an image that is 1.5 times the focal length. This means if you are shooting with a 50 mm lens in APS-C mode, you’ll get an image that seems like you have clicked it from a 75mm lens. In the Canon 100D, you get an EF mount, which stands for electro-focus. The advantage of an EF lens is that you can use it on cameras with crop sensors and even in a full-frame body. EF lenses deliver high-quality pictures.

3. Touch Interface

Even though the Canon 100D is the smallest DSLR, it hasn’t compromised on the features and performances of images and videos. This camera is comfortable to handle, even if it is small in size. This camera has not eliminated any kinds of buttons or controls that are present in other cameras of the same category. The Canon 100D has a fixed 3-inch touchscreen LCD feature.

This touch interface gives you quick access to settings and image review zooming. The camera also provides enabling touch AF and touch shutter, which can be used when the camera is set on a tripod.

4. Autofocus

Canon DSLRs give 3 types of autofocus while shooting: one shot, AI Focus, and AI Servo. In the one-shot focus, your camera locks the focus when you half-press the shutter release button. In this case, even if you are clicking a moving or stationary object or the distance changes between the subject and camera, the focus will remain the same when it was locked initially.

For a moving object, it is advisable to shoot at continuous focus.  There are 9 autofocuses in the Canon 100D with a Hybrid CMOS AF 2, which helps in live-view shooting and movie autofocus even in low light.

Which Platforms are the Best to Purchase Canon 100 D?

The smallest DSLR is a breakthrough in the camera sector, as it hasn’t compromised image and video quality. With an 18MP sensor used in most of Canon’s cameras, it gives an excellent outcome and also an improved video focussing. Apart from this, this DSLR has additional scene modes that aren’t available in other cameras of the same brand.

Here are a few platforms where you can purchase Canon 100D cameras.

1. Canon store

When it comes to buying electronics like cameras, you should choose to purchase from the original store or authorized dealers for professional products. Buying the Canon 100D camera from the store will give you the benefit of checking the camera function, its settings, and the functioning of batteries and chargers. Apart from this, you can avail advantages like Canon’s warranty and repair if you have purchased from the store. In purchasing from a physical store, you can check all the accessories like adapters and also purchase additional lenses of the same brand from the store.

2. Amazon

This online website is one of the most trusted e-shopping sites and an authorized retailer for Canon. Purchasing from Amazon has been made easy and cost-effective due to the discounts and additional benefits like paying in installments. Amazon refurbishes products like Canon 100D cameras. This means your product is being brought from an authorized dealer, then checked whether it is fully functional, and lastly, packed and shipped by Amazon. There is a 90-day window for returning and replacing these products if you are not satisfied with the product. You can also call for troubleshooting technical issues through the Amazon Renewed Guarantee. By purchasing from Amazon, you can also shop for a camera kit that has camera accessories.

3. B&H

One of the largest local competitors, stores, and Canon’s authorized resellers is B&H. The store guarantees authentic products, curbing the counterfeit products’ nuisance seen nowadays in online shopping. B&H works with each manufacturer directly to purchase products in huge numbers. So there are no middlemen and no authenticity issues. The B&H website has also been developed in a user-friendly manner, with filters, sorting by price, and categories that make it easy for everyone. Apart from this, the B&H store offers free shipping even on minimum purchases. Another striking feature of this website is its feature to compare the camera gears and what accessories are in the box.


The Canon 100D is for those who adore the DSLR features and want a lightweight camera too. The layout of the camera and physical buttons are excellent despite its miniature size. You also get an external mic port for using this camera for interview purposes. The Canon 100D is a non-proprietary flash hotshoe, which means it allows lenses of the same brand only.

The benefit of having this DSLR is that the camera adjusts its touchscreen sensitivity on its own and also allows you to adjust. The Canon 100D gives the best image and video quality in the lightest weight possible. You can always add additional lenses for better zoom.

If you are looking for great picture quality and live-view performance on a budget, the Canon 100D is the perfect fit.

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