June 15, 2024
hero 9 waterproof without case

Does Hero 9 Have Gps?

The Hero 9, the do-it-all all GoPro, which, when launched, came with the biggest fix of all its predecessors: no more heating issues.

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know this and also that Hero 9 is waterproof without the case, but what about the GPS? The short answer is yes; it comes with GPS, built-in WiFi, and NFC. It’s capable of shooting 5k 30 frames per second, coupled with a brilliant 9 hours of battery life, and it becomes a beast of a camcorder.

The Hero 9, like all GoPro(s), is made for shooting under extreme conditions, from ice-cold mountains to hot as-hell deserts; shoot anywhere and shoot anything. It’s perfect for vlogging, adventure sports, biking trips, professional videography, and all of this in a compact size that is smaller than even your palm.

So, let’s have a closer look!

What’s GPS?

What’s GPS

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It’s an intelligent system that involves more than 30 satellites orbiting the Earth, and these are essentially navigational satellites, i.e. they are used to locate and navigate a person, place, or object anywhere on the planet and get directions to it or locate it using a six-figure grid reference. The accuracy? Well, it can locate the object you’re trying to track down to the last centimeter, so it’s very accurate!

How it works is that the satellites are sending signals continuously, and we get access to these signals via our devices’ GPS receiver; the receiver then decodes the signals and the time it took to reach the receiver to accurately calculate the distance between you and four or more satellites, thereby locating you on the planet concerning the satellite.

Today, almost all smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and even digital cameras, including a GoPro Hero 9, have GPS capabilities.

What a time to be alive, right?

The Hero 9

The Hero 9

The Hero 9 does pack a punch in a small package and form factor; it comes with a CMOS sensor that is built for action, adventure, and sports. The ISO values are off the charts, with auto adjustment. The resolutions are amazing, with recording capabilities of up to 5k 30 frames per second. There is a wide compatibility with SD cards, and you can use ones with storage up to 1 TB!

All of this is in a small compact size, smaller than your palm, and weighs less than 160 grams. Did we mention it has two screens? Yes, a 1.4 inch at the front and a 2.3-inch screen at the back!

Also, the videos and pictures you capture on this device come with a time and location stamp, thanks to the built-in GPS.

GPS on The Hero 9

GPS on The Hero 9

The Hero 9 has a built-in GPS, enabling many features like time and location stamps, so all your photos and videos will have the exact geolocation of where they were taken. The accuracy? A 6-figure grid reference number that is precise down to the last centimeter.

The GPS on the Hero 9 was a much-awaited feature for the GoPro series, and now that it’s finally here, content creators of the internet all across the globe are posting videos online with these time and location stamps, making their videos even more attractive to the audience.

The GPS feature on the GoPro Hero 9 is very easy to use, and if you find it difficult, we’ll tell you how you can turn it on; it’s very simple.

  • Swipe down on the main screen, then swipe left.
  • Go to ‘preferences’.
  • Then go to ‘regional’ and in that tap on ‘GPS’
  • If turned off, turn it on.

And that’s it. You have enabled the GPS feature on your Hero 9, and all your photos and videos captured will have both the time and the location stamp on them, which you can view by going into the details of the video or photo file on your computer.

With so many benefits to the GPS feature, you’ll never forget where that amazing poolside or riverside video was captured; go to the details of your media, retrieve the location, punch it in your choice of navigation app, and viola! Now you have real-time directions to the place!

We feel it can even be used to track your location in situations of distress when your smartphone is out of battery, so this can be a lifesaver. We let you be the judge of that.


So, we hope this answers your question of whether or not the Hero 9 has GPS. And also the amazing possibilities of what the GPS can do for your GoPro and the content that you shoot with it.

Timestamps, location stamps, all these are features we’ve been seeing for a long on the latest professional DSLR cameras, and everyone wished for these on their GoPro; now it’s here, and the content creators are excited about it, are you?

In this article, we discussed the Hero 9, its features, GPS, uses, benefits, how to enable it on your GoPro, and what location-stamp means for your video and photo content. The GPS is an amazing feature in itself, and with it on the GoPro, the possibilities are endless, so go out and capture the beauty around you! Don’t worry about the weather; the Hero 9 can take a beating.

Happy Clicking!

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