June 19, 2024

11 Tips for Taking Sensual DIY Boudoir Photos with Your Phone

Boudoir photography is a genre of photography to capture intimate photos of one’s own body with the purpose of appreciating your body’s sensual side. The amount of confidence and happiness it gives while you are comfortable under your skin is unparalleled.

A boudoir photoshoot will give you confidence in your own body. The photoshoot itself will encourage you to embrace your body and appreciate how you are. By gaining self-confidence in your own body, you will be much more confident to wear the dress you were always hesitant about. These ideas are based on DIY boudoir photos that you easily capture with your phone in privacy. So, why not capture those beautiful YOU moments?

Generally, people feel uncomfortable taking their intimate photos with the help of others. So here we come to the rescue with our DIY boudoir photoshoot ideas with the help of your phone.

Tips to Conquer Boudoir Photography with Your Phone

1. Choose a Comfortable and Cozy Place

Choose a Comfortable and Cozy Place

Boudoir photos are meant to be private photos of oneself; when we speak of privacy, it is always the bedroom. So, choose a comfortable and cozy place with a phone for your boudoir photos. A place with a special connection with you in your bedroom, a specific corner that gives you good vibes. Like,

  • Your bed
  • The window sides
  • Vibrant sofa that you purchased for your bedroom
  • Or the floor
  • Bathtubs

Make sure the place is spacious enough to fix your phone to get an ideal picture of yourself. But try to keep your background and the place chosen with fewer details because the focus should be on you, not the objects around you. I would suggest a clean and plain backdrop in either black or white or some other color with a light shade.

2. Choose a Comfortable Outfit

Choose a Comfortable Outfit

Wear an outfit that reveals your true self and that you are comfortable with. In taking DIY Boudoir Photos with the phone, outfit plays a key role; your dress defines your confidence level. Yes, as we are specific about the outfit, it does not mean you must compare yourself with the magazine models. Instead, wear an outfit that fits your body type and simply looks good on you.

Choose a perfect bra and panties to emphasize your curves and other areas you want to be highlighted. Most women prefer lingerie for their boudoir photos, but getting into an outfit that makes you feel good and comfortable is more important than what you wear.

Here are a few outfit ideas for your DIY boudoir photos with the phone:

3. Style Up with Makeup and Accessories

Style Up with Makeup and Accessories

While we know much about the outfit, you can also use accessories and put on makeup for your boudoir photoshoot. By putting on accessories, you can elevate your look and confidence in no time. While makeup can provide a radiant and bright appearance in photos, the right hairstyle can add an extra flair to boudoir photography. Consider your face shape when selecting a hairstyle, and go for free hair whenever possible.

Accessories can be used but maintain minimalism; too many accessories might shift the photo’s focus. Remember, the primary focus should be you. We suggest these accessories for your Boudoir Photos with a phone:

  • Wear heels; they will give a tall look and show your leg as tall and slim.
  • Leather belts either on your waist or shoulder belts.
  • Anklets, while your photo is at the angle of showing off your legs.
  • Neck chain, earring, and ring, you can probably go with a golden color for all outfits.

4. Using Props

Using Props.jpg

Use the props around you for your DIY boudoir photo,which is more attention-grabbing. Choose the props and props color according to the theme of the photoshoot.

Here are a few props you can use in your boudoir photoshoot:

  • Pillows
  • Curtains
  • Mirror
  • Antique items
  • Plastic Flowers
  • Fairy lights
  • Bedsheets
  • Stuffed animals

Sitting on the stairway and using the supporting rods as props will work perfectly. Using props will contribute extra credit to your photo. Place the braces around you in a proper manner; the usage of props should tell a story about your picture.

Create mystery by covering a part of your body using the props at a correct angle; this adds more spice to the photo.

5.Use a Tripod

Use a Tripod

We know using the phone is perfect for boudoir photos, but you have to hold the phone in your hand for a long time, and sometimes you won’t get a proper angle. To this rescue, we can invest in two technical things like the Tripod and the Bluetooth button. The Tripod will help to fix the desired angle and height, and you do not need to worry about messing up your pitch and the pose. So you can do your shoot hassle free and peacefully.

A Wireless remote for the phone will be convenient for clicking photos. There is a timer. It will be challenging to use when lying on the floor; you have to get up, fix the angle, set the timer, and resume the pose. A remote will let you take your time to settle down and click. In the phone, you can use Bluetooth to connect the remote and push the button when you are ready.

6. Window Side for Natural Lights

Window Side for Natural Lights

When we speak of photography, lighting plays a key role, and in boudoir photos, lighting is the most critical factor. The lighting position and effects will have a significant impact on the image. For a visually dynamic image, the light must fall on the body and face at the correct angle. Utilize the window light as the primary source of light to capture an illuminating image.

Use light settings according to the article if you have any theme for the boudoir photos. Here are a few ideas for lighting for the boudoir photo:

  • The natural light from the window side
  • Paramount light
  • Split light technique
  • Loop light technique
  • Use Ring light

If you are interested in silhouette photography, you must work on the backlighting to emphasize the body shape. This type of photography for a boudoir photo will be like the icing on the cake.

7. Different Poses

Different Poses

First, look into the mirror and try new poses; you can take references from online and magazines. Then, do a trial on your poses and choose the ones that highlight your shape and curves in the best possible manner. The mirror is the best trainer to try different poses to work on. Know your body type and try poses according to it; use Pinterest or another online source for reference.

We would like to list a few poses for the DIY boudoir Photos with a phone:

  • Legs up in the air
  • Kneeling on the bed with a pillow or stuffed animal
  • Kneeling on the floor and slight lean against the wall
  • Heads up and pose in the bed, focusing on your upper body.
  • Bring your face towards the window for the light to touch it
  • Arch your back and put one hand down and the other in the air.
  • You are lying on your side.
  • You are lying on your stomach.
  • You are sitting on your heels.
  • Hands up with cuffs.

8. Capturing Expressions

Capturing Expressions

Capturing the expressions with the phone is the hardest part of boudoir photos. At first, it takes time to understand the feeling of the expression. For a photogenic expression, practice in front of the mirror before capturing the shot. Refine the feeling you want to convey through your picture and keep experimenting continuously until you fully understand the emotion.

The happy expressions will also add some kink to the photo. Keep the happy faces subtle so that the mood of the photo does not change.

9. Set a Theme

Set a Theme

Setting the theme is necessary for taking boudoir photos with the phone. The tone photo shouldn’t be confusing; keep the same tone. Do the research, choose the correct theme, and decide which music you like.

Here are a few suggestions for the theme for a DIY boudoir photos with a phone:

  • Black & White
  • Retro theme
  • BDSM
  • Gothic setting

The theme will help you know the type of photos you want to take, like a glamorous or standard picture.

10. Tell a Story

Tell a Story .jpg

Elevate the storytelling level of your boudoir photography, and make sure that each picture conveys a compelling narrative to your viewers. As I said, being confident about your body will make your image brighter and more beautiful.Every detail in the boudoir photo, from props to the camera angle placement to the color, background, pose, facial expression, and accessories, contributes to the story that is told about you.

Be you and make the boudoir photo livelier to convey a story to the viewers. In addition, the boudoir photo must inspire viewers also to take their own boudoir photos.

11. Edit Your Photos

Edit Your Photos

The phone angle and lighting are the pillars of the boudoir photos, and editing gives life to the images. Editing the image is a must; it will provide a new dimension. There are many editing apps where you can use those tools for quality editing. Though you put in a lot of effort for the DIY boudoir photoshoot, the final output stage is always the editing.

The editing is an excellent way of giving a finishing touch to the picture, as it doesn’t change the core of the photo.

Summing It Up

The primary purpose of the DIY boudoir photos with a phone is to express the different sides of oneself at your own pace. The boudoir photoshoot will surely do wonders, letting you embrace your body.

First, create a comfortable setting for the photoshoot. Choose a spot on your own and make it more pleasant with the props you have. Consider lighting setup as a significant feature to set the desired mood. Second, the Main factor for DIY Boudoir Photo is the outfit. Focus on your wardrobe; if you are willing to try new things, do not hesitate to experiment.

Select comfortable poses from the above guide and practice in front of the mirror to pick a suitable one. Lastly, Boudoir is about embracing oneself and their own body. So, do not forget to celebrate your body, be kind, embrace your uniqueness, and approach with self-love and confidence.

Remember to keep things simple by following the 11 ideas for DIY boudoir Photos with a phone and doing it step by step. Then, click boudoir photos and create your tiny private album to share with your loved ones.

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