April 23, 2024
Why Did My Go Pro 9 Freeze

Why Did My Go Pro 9 Freeze?

Did your GoPro freeze while you were shooting a very important video? You played a game exceptionally well and won, but your camera did its mischief, and now you are agitated to the extent you feel like complaining to the GoPro authorities. Wait! This article might be your savior.

Before diving into the errors, first, verify if the model matches the models that are common to face these errors. In case the model is different, we prefer contacting the GoPro stores.

Read the complete article to know the reason, along with its solution, why did the Hero 9 waterproof without case freeze.

Which GoPro Models Are Likely to Freeze?

First of all, you need to know which models are likely to freeze to get a clear picture of whether the module matches the reasons mentioned, which will help in quick solutions.

The models like to freeze are:

Hero Line: Hero4 Black and Silver, Hero5 Black, Hero6 Black, Hero7 Black and Silver White, Hero8 Black, Hero9 Black, Hero10 Black, Hero11 Black.

Session Line: Hero4 Session, Hero Session, Hero5 Session.

Fusion and MAX: 360 Line.

Now, let’s look at the problem and its solutions.

Why Did My GoPro9 Freeze?

Why Did My GoPro9 Freeze

There can be various reasons why a GoPro model freezes up suddenly. But, here we will tell you about the top 4 common reasons that lead to the freezing up of the camera while you are working with it.

1. SD Card

Let’s understand a simple mechanism- You have a memory card of 50MB/s inserted in your GoPro, and you are recording a video that runs as fast as 60MB/s, and your camera will start freezing up. When the speed of the video is more than the capacity speed of the SD card, the camera freezes after recording the first few moments since it cannot capture the higher speed reference.

Solution- Always use the SD card to top your GoPro’s maximum settings. If you plan on recording a video at high speed, use a high-readability SD card. In case the speed of the memory card matches the speed of the video, and it still gets frozen, try removing and then inserting the card again, and it will work again.

2. Camera Firmware

Just like phones and computers, cameras also have software installed in them, which needs to be updated from time to time. It is observed at certain times that some of the updates fix the glitches while causing the cameras to freeze. Some updates add new features that might not be compatible with the camera software.

Solution– To avoid corrupted updates and glitches, follow the method suggested at the official GoPro website and update the software by the camera specs.

3. Battery

The battery is one of the most crucial parts of an action camera like GoPro, which we all tend to avoid, given the price of each power pack that the GoPro model requires. The problem with using the clone model is when the battery comes down to a certain level; it freezes up the camera instantly. This is because the camera isn’t getting sufficient power to record the videos.

Solution– It might cost you for once, but invest in a genuine model battery for a powerful action camera like GoPro. The cloned models might work well in the starting days. Still, eventually, you will be unable to avoid the “Please use GoPro official battery” message that continuously pops up on the screen and the regular freezing up of the camera.

There is yet another problem that all might not face, and thus, we are mentioning it here separately.

4. Water Problems

GoPro cameras are waterproof, but they have their limits as well. If you take it deeper than the allowed water level or surface, the camera might start acting strange and trouble you. In some cases, it might freeze as well. The Hero 9 waterproof without a case camera might get affected badly due to salt or chlorinated water

Solution– While it is safe to say that electronics don’t usually work well after suffering water problems, you can still try your best by letting the camera dry up in bright sunlight. There have been some successful cases as well, so do not drop that tiny hope.

Avoid GoPro Freeze-Ups

The freeze-up of GoPro cameras can be avoided by keeping a check on the following particulars-

1. Protect GoPro from water- Always check the range of water in the environment before carrying the camera to deep levels. Regularly clean the camera to avoid the salt, dust, and debris from affecting the integrity of your gaskets.

2.Updated Camera Firmware- Pair your camera with your mobile to check for the notifications of updates for your camera software, and follow the official guidelines to avoid any corrupted updates.

3.Format SD card before shooting- It is advisable to transfer all the content and format the SD card before shooting something big and important. It can be done in easy and simple steps.


GoPro models are used to capture the best memories of the things, places, and people that we love. The camera getting frozen up in the middle of an important recording can really piss off someone. However, there are various reasons and solutions for these problems.

We hope you can fix your camera with the help of the solutions given above. If you still face trouble, reach out to the Official GoPro Service Centre to avoid damaging the waterproof cushion of the camera.

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